The future of yoyoing


I have been yo-yoing for about 6 years now and have always wondered why yo-yoing is not a popular team sport. I know players are considered part of a team once they are sponsored but yo-yoing remains a fairly individual sport. If yo-yoing were a team sport many of the scoring would be similar to gymnastics. Your team members all specialize in different events such as 5a or 2a. I would really like to get some feed back if possible.



That would be AWESOME! like in the Olympics they compete as a team each individual doing a certain event and then as individuals against everybody.




I know it might not fit in with the current layout of competitions and a lot of people are going to complain about that (in this thread lol). But your idea is brilliant. And would be awesome to watch.


What about everyone who competes who is not on a team? Unsponsored players might disagree with this idea.


The only form that this would be easy to integrate into is the AP division. In fact, Artistic Performances are often best when it’s a team effort.


I retract my statements. I don’t even know what to think lol


There used to be a team division at Worlds.  As in, not totaling individual scores for team members like gymnastics, but a full team performance.  You didn’t necessarily have to be sponsored, and any group of players could form a team for the contest.  It was discontinued in 2002 and replaced with Artistic Performance since there seemed to be less interest in the team division.  So AP kind of carries on the spirit of the team performance, just with less emphasis on skill/difficulty and open to individuals.

Here’s an example of a team contest performance:


I’d like to here more on the concept driving this.

Here’s my thoughts:

First, we can take this in the manner that Team Shaquler does, which in my limited knowledge is more like a dance troupe but with yoyos. By that, I mean they all participate in the routines, which are heavily synced to the music. This has limitations. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.

Then, we have more of a team event in the manner like gymnastics. In gymnastics, you have single event, individual combined and team combined. There would have to be rules on the number of members(max and minimum?), plus how many divisions would there be(of course the Big 5 and maybe AP?), plus how many per team per division.

Some teams would naturally have a disadvantage as well due to lack of members or skill sets needed to round out the team.

We also have to determine what is the purpose for this type of competition. Is this a plan to help this sport “get legit” by being part of larger events? I mean, it would be cool if it could be an olympic-type event, but coverage of the Olympics is hit and miss and I largely was unable to see what I wanted because pin-heads in the programming department decided what I could and couldn’t watch.


If you want to know why competitive yo-yoing isn’t more popular, it is mostly because contests are not really structured in a way that appeals to people who don’t yo-yo. To the uninitiated, almost all yo-yoing looks the same after about 30 seconds, and most people can’t even tell the difference between a landed trick or a mistake. So without a format that the non-throwers can follow along with, it isn’t likely that the sport will ever be able to gain enough traction to become popular.

Now on the topic of making yo-yoing more of a team sport, I definitely like that idea, and I do think that it could help to make the sport get more mainstream attention. I just don’t really agree with trying to make yo-yoing more like gymnastics, especially the scoring. The judging system we have now is superior, and if there is ANY sport yo-yoing should be modeled after, it is b-boy battles. If you want to talk about the future of yo-yoing, that is the direction the sport should be headed in, IMHO.

Think about it. You could do 1-on-1 or team battles, and it would still work pretty much the same way. Players would perform head-to-head battles, and the winner of 2-out of-3 (or maybe 3-out of-5) would advance. For team battles, if you had 5 players per team, to give an example, the team that wins 3 or more 1-on-1 battles would advance. It could be 1A vs. 1A, all styles vs. all styles, company vs. company, sponsored vs. independent, and everything in between.

Most important of all, if battle format was the standard, yo-yoing would no longer just be about individual scores, which doesn’t really even say much on paper. We would suddenly be dealing with win/loss records, sweeps, scoring percentages, average score, etc. Competitive yo-yoing would become a more stat heavy sport, and over a period of time, it would result in an accurate ranking system for players.

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I like how this post comes up RIGHT as I say “Y’all shouldn’t be makin da repeat posts”

I know exactly what this post will go to “Innovate horizontal” and “Innovate such and such new style” oh and “yoyos in the Olympics” (That’s gonna be a post when the Olympics come back) EDIT: Please, detect sarcasm. Thank you.

Man, I just want yoyos to stay cool. Don’t care about the future of them, I just want they to stay the coolest toy on Earth.


In the big scheme of things, does it really matter if certain topics get discussed multiple times on this forum? Considering the fact that not everyone pays attention to every single thing that gets posted on here, it is not very realistic to expect every board member to know what topics are getting repeated.

Instead, if you see a repeat post, try ignoring it.

That’s perfectly fine if you don’t care all that much about the future of competitive yo-yoing. But please don’t project that on everyone else. Because some of us on here do care about the future of the sport, and personally, I feel it is something that should be discussed (even if it happens multiple times).

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…So when did I say that I didnt want competitions to go on? I just said I want the toy to stay cool.

The title of the thread is “The future of yoyoing” not “The future of competitive yoyoing.” So I just voiced my opinion on what I want the future of yoyoing to be, not the future of competitive yoyoing. I’d be perfectly OK with it if yoyoing stayed sorta underground and never got as big as football(Soccer) or anything like that. Is there some sort of problem you have with yoyoing just staying cool?


I never said that you did.

Yes, and the very first post focuses primarily on the sport, and more specifically, some ideas on how to improve it.

And it is perfectly fine that you are voicing your opinion. I just don’t feel you should be raising a stink about certain topics getting repeated on this forum.

Not at all. But I definitely have some ideas that I feel would make yo-yoing even cooler.

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For the record, while we may not see these team performances in the US.
In Japan contest, they are quite a big thing.

It’s a shame that here in the US we can’t have this sort of thing. I remember mentioning it to some people here in the US who basically said “it may work there, but it won’t fly in the states.”

I hope one day this can change.


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I always love watching AP performances, I’ve actually really been wanting to organize one for a while too. Maybe someday…


I don’t know how cultures are overseas. At least in the United States, there’s too much emphasis on the individual rather than a team.

My sound company works because of a TEAM effort.

I think this concept of “Team” play like in your example could work. I think there are a few issues.

Issue 1 is really getting people to take on the mentality of a team concept.
Issue 2 is having sufficient teams organized that would be willing to travel(if necessary) to a contest.
Issue 3 is “will the contest allow a new division for this?” The answer may be simply no due to the logistics since most contests have time constraints to work within, so time is not necessarily on the side of adding this in. Other contest organizers may feel it’s not worth it. I am sure a few contests are run without having to worry about time issues and may take a chance on it. That chance is necessary to see if this can be allowed to succeed. I think it CAN succeed, but it has to be given a fair chance first.

Personally, I’m not a major fan of the team stuff. It is a nice break to watch something different though, there’s no denying that. Since the AP divisions are already done in such a blanket manner to cover those few teams that choose to participate. So, I guess we’d have to define “team” a bit better.

Does team mean “more than one people”? Or is it a bit more restrictive, more like a drill team or dance squad kind of team? I think “team” should be like the examples you posted. Due to the nature of it, I feel that while artistic, it merits their own category because it simply doesn’t seem to want to fit in the Artistic category, it truly needs its own division.

Now to just get over those hurdles to see if it can happen.