Do you think yoyo is a sport?


no. it’s an art form.





Although, it is more of a sport than cheer leading haha



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Yes, yoyo IS more of an art. It’s not played the same way today as tomorrow. Sports are always the same (Mostly). The way we yoyo today, won’t be the same as the way we yoyo tomorrow. It’s always changing, like music.


just watch competition cheerleading and your mind will change I would know my sister won The state championship with her high school team


I don’t see why its not a sport. It has all the elements of a sport and more.Its Mental,it requires eye and hand coordination and it is competitive as well. Not to mention teams and so on. So IMO it may not be as well known as some sports but I hope it will be soon.


Didn’t we just have this conversation a couple of weeks ago? :-\


They say history repeats itself…

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It is a leisure time activity…

jk Lol Idk

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I wouldn’t call it a sport just as I wouldn’t call juggling a sport.


Nope. Doesn’t make it any lesser though. Just not a sport.

Yoyo contests have sport-ified the activity by placing what are otherwise arbitrary rules on play, but this is not all that is yoyoing. It’s not even really what yoyoing is period, although it is cool and fun to watch.


Yes it is a sport, in the general sense; specifically, it is an individual sport.


The most basic requirement for sport is that it involves competition. An skill-based activity with only a single participant, or no competition between multiple participants, is an art.


It’s an art.

I love it. It’s so peaceful. :slight_smile:


Yoyoing is an art form. It is a way of expressing yourself. I love what stookie has said, that we have sportified it by placing arbitrary rules on it for judging. Think about some of your favorite videos or freestyles. Are they the ones that won competitions? For me the answer is NO! Sebastian Brock’s 2011 worlds is so much more entertaining than Marcus koh’s IMO. I would rather watch someone like Ernest Kahn throw than someone like Hiroyuki Suzuki. I want to watch someone express them self, not their desire to fit certain requirements to win a competition. Competitions do have their place, but the judging system needs to be changed severely. I want to compete not to win, but to share what I have created. To show the love that I have for this art form. Yoyoing IS an art form, but it’s slipping away from that. Instead of people creating something new, they are just trying to copy the big names. The sad part, it’s not just in throwing style, lets all wear janowskis, supreme shirts and 5 panel hats, with skinny jeans. I do believe there is a place for it being a sport, for one it helps grow the community greatly! I wouldn’t be throwing if it weren’t for yuuki’s 2007 worlds being played on espn top 10 plays of the week.


Define competition. Are you saying that archery is not classified as a sport?


Is music performance slipping away from its artistic essence with all these international competitions? Are the winners merely spamming competitions with robotic performances because technical aspects accounts for a large component of the evaluation?

Yoyo judging is far from perfect, but the fact that it need refinement does not undermine the value in its own right.