Fantasy yoyo league

I was at work today and my buddy was talking about his fantasy football league. Does anyone think it would be a cool idea to do some kind of league??

Go ahead and set it up and we’ll see.

No contest are not frequent enough for this and not every yoyoer is guaranteed to be at every contest.

I don’t think it would really work because not all players go to every contest and even if we used scores from diff contests all judges are different

Cool in theory but I don’t really think it would work

Hmmm…this actually sounds really cool. Your “team” could be one or two players from each style. You would just have to figure out which contests count as “games”. Worlds and Nationals definitely…

I’m in. Sounds cool. I actually do pretty well at Fantasy Soccer so this should be fun. One minor flaw though. There are some pros on the forums and if nobody picks them to have on their team, they might get offended. Just throwing that out there.

Yeah, most people aren’t that sensitive… I’m sure they would understand. They know they’re great yoyoers, they don’t need people on a forum to reinforce that.

For example, we all know Jensen is one of the greatest yoyoers of our time, but I would never consider him for a league like this, because he rarely wins or competes. I doubt he would lose sleep over that…

If i could get a roster from the 2013 season comps we could make a pool for each competition\game you would have up to three backups if some one didnt show

One problem that I see with this is that comps aren’t nearly as regular as sports.

That’s not a bad idea.

What I would is: for every big competition (worlds, nationals, etc.), whoever wants to play has to pick three (or some other number) people they want to win for each style. If their person wins they get 1 point. If there are 20 contestants and your’s finishes last, you get 20 points. Whoever has the least amount of points wins.

Naw man, your score should be based on what your players actually scored. What you could do instedpad would be this: pick three people from each division and add up their scores to get your final score in that division.

Fantasy yoyo league?

We don’t even have a real yoyo league. :-\

What about the NYY?

What about the NYYL?

Yeah, I guess so. That sounds better. Then we could crown champions by division and try to see how many points we can accumulate. Sounds interesting.

What somebody should do to start is post a sign-up sheet or something everybody can sign up. Then, in 2014, whoever actually starts it should name the contests that will be counted in the Fantasy Yoyo League. Then, we could pass the responsibility to another person by letting whoever has the most points total out of all the contests and divisions is responsible for the next year.

Who wants to start it though? I would.

The NYYL is a good as inactive, so it’s moot.
The closest to a real yoyo league we have is that thing we got for Worlds but even that is on its infant stages.

We do need a yoyo league :o
The only problem would be sponsors paying for the funding to make it to contest. It could get expensive.

How about we just throw and stop stressing ourselves over something we don’t particularly need.



in addition, read my signature and get back to yoyoing :]