Official 2019-2020 YYE Fantasy Football League Thread

edit 8/13/2019: We have all 10 teams now. Will update as the season goes on.

Follow along with the season at:

I have tried this for a couple years unsuccessfully. But would anyone like to do a friendly Fantasy Football league this year?

I’ve got 9 spots open right now in the “YoYoExperts” League.

I’ve tentatively set the draft for August 30 10am CST. Can edit that, and try to find a time that works for everyone. If you sign up please use your forum username as your team name so that we can keep track of who is who.

Hope we can find 9 more players this year!


What about fantasy yo-yo? We pick pro yo-yoers and score them based on how they do at 2019 worlds coming up? :wink: :football:


I’m in!



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Another online store usually does this, can’t remember which.

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Right on


Joined up! It wouldn’t let me use my username because “it contains a word that cannot be used,” but then let me name my team that…odd lol.

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5 spots open still.

I’ll leave it until Wednesday and if we don’t have all 10 teams filled I’ll advertise on Instagram. Want to make sure we have plenty of time to draft :+1:


I used to be pretty into fantasy football (and just sports in general) though in recent years I’ve admittedly lost a bit of interest in the whole thing. So, my knowledge of players is probably a bit dated, but hoping to have fun with this, and maybe even re-spark my interest in the sport. Thanks for putting this together @AaronW

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This sounds great, im definitely in. I was all set to play last year, but apparently my friend wasnt the only one asking friends for a spot, and I missed the cut. Ive never done it, but I know the idea and love football.

Pats fan here btw, just to warn you.

edit: officially joined!


If only it wasn’t on NFL lol.

What’s wrong with that? You prefer a different site?

I’ve never used the nfl’s site. Yahoo and cbssports are the two I’ve always used. That being said I don’t know if the nfl one is good or bad. I’d guess for this application it’ll be fine.

I haven’t used Yahoo in probably 15 years :joy: I’ve used the NFL Fantasy for 8 years now, always been good I thought.

Maybe we’ll get everyone’s feedback after and see if people think moving to another platform would be better.

Also, was thinking about it, and I’d really like this to be a YYE thing, and not have to reach outside of YYE to get the league full. So if anyone signed up knows anyone on YYE that would be up for this let them know :slight_smile:

4 more teams needed

I’m a pats fan too!

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We need 4 teams still

I thought this might be able proper football but I think you all mean that game that is like Rugby but played in America where people wear helmets and padding.

Nope, this isn’t soccer.


Oh no, sorry. For fantasy sports you have to use a game where points are actually scored.