Fantasy Football League 2012

Hey everyone,
I just made a private, H2H, fantasy football league on for the 2012-2013 NFL season, the league name and password will be posted below and are case sensitive. It is a 10 person league and it will be a snake draft. The draft date and time is September 1st at 8:00 pm, 4 days before the season starts. All these settings can be changed and anyone can join, if you would like to see the breakdown of the scoring go to the league’s settings or just pm me.
Thanks everyone and anyone can join as long as you know football!

The LEAGUE NAME: Football 2012
The LEAGUE PASSWORD: giants126
The LEAGUE ID#: 158355
There are 9 spots that I will list below, whoever creates their team first gets the spot.

  1. Tjt564 (me)
  2. yoyoavenger

If anyone wants any changes made in the settings or for the draft date or whatever just pm me. Thanks again an hopefully we can get the 10 spots filled before the draft date!

im in…


8 spots still open!


Hey, are you a giants fan?

Is this happening?