Fantasy Yoyo League - Rules - Finalized (Registration Closed)

If you are competing, please approve these rules. If you would like to mention something that should be added or subtracted, I would love for you to do so. Please reply to this post or PM me as soon as you can.

League Format:
Pre-Contest: You start out by picking the players that you think can win. You can pick the same as somebody else too. If the contest has Prelims and Semi-Finals, there will be three rounds of voting. You pick three that you think will advance to the next round, then pick three who will advance to the finals (if there are just prelims, then only do that first part). When you pick your player, pick 1 players per division (division list will be placed on the Contest post).
Contest: Once the contest has started, you may not submit a list, cancel your list, or change your list.
Post-Contest: You will receive the points that your player received in the contest (not including Prelims [see scoring system below]) plus Place Scores. You will also get an automatic score added for the type of contest [see scoring system below] once you gain your first point. If you have trouble understand this, PM me, and I will get back to you with “easier to understand” format.

Scoring System:
If Prelims:
Player Eliminated: 0 points
Player Advances: 30 points
If Semi-Finals:
Player Eliminated: 0 points
Player Advances: 30 points
You get player’s finals scores plus:
1st Place Finish: 100 points
2nd Place Finish: 75 Points
3rd Place Finish: 50 points

Special Contest Bonus Point System:
State Contest: No Bonus
Regional Contest: adds 10 points
National Contest: adds 20 points
International Contest (other than Worlds): adds 30 points
Worlds: adds 30 points


  1. You may only pick 1 player (per division). If you choose to pick less, you will most likely receive less points, but that is still allowed.
  2. You may change your list of players twice.
  3. Once the contest has begun, you may no longer submit a list, change a list, or cancel a list.
  4. If you name a person that is not competing in the contest, I will do my best to notify you so you can change it (this will not count as one of your 2 changes).
  5. Do not make separate posts for your lists. Reply to the original contest post.
  6. Late submissions will be ignored in the scoring.
  7. If you are competing in the contest, you may choose yourself on the list.
  8. I will be keeping track of scoring from all contests
  9. You may sign-up whenever you like. Just remember, if some contests have passed, you will not be scored for those. So, I suggest to sign-up before January 1st or before the beginning of the contests. Once the registration is closed, you may no longer submit a contest or register yourself or anyone else.
  10. Once the contests have begun, the rules, format and scoring system will not be changed.
  11. I have no prizes, but if anybody would like to give something out as a prize, I invite them to do so.
  12. Your final score will be the combination of all your player’s scores; not just the one who did the best.
  13. You will only receive the Special Contest Bonus Points if you score 1+ points during the contest.

If you would like to see an addition or subtracting to any of this, please PM me or reply below. Thank you.

Special Contest Bonus Point System has been added.

If nobody says anything on this subject, the rules will be finalized on Wednesday.

Please go through these rules and PM me or reply here to agree to them and/or mention something that should be added or subtracted to the lists above. Finalizing date/time is Thursday at 8pm.

If you bet on yourself and win you should get more points.

Are we allowed to bet on ourselves or someone not sponsored?

Yes, you can do that.

That’s an interesting thought. I think I will consult that with those who become my assistants.

P.S. Why do you care? You are not entered in the contest. Do you want to be?

Just entered 8)

I approve these rules.

Okay, then, welcome aboard.

The rules have now been finalized.

Look for a small rule/format change within the next day or two.


Rule #1 has been changed. You may no longer pick 3 players per division, but only 1 player per division. This just makes scoring easier.

Thank you.

VA States post is up. Go over these rules one more time.

Here is the link:,70545.0.html