EYYC Conversation Thread

For those of you watching the live streaming, I thought it would be cool to have a conversation thread during the contest.

Live Streaming:

Janos is on stage now. Why? He doesn’t compete today. Neither does Marcus Koh who was on earlier. ???
On top of that, there are some offstring players too.

during the breaks, the stage is open to everyone :slight_smile:

Yes, I know. But Janos shouldn’t even be warming up. He doesn’t compete until Sunday, am I correct?

This seems kind of messed up. The announcer is saying Round 5 is next, but that isn’t supposed to happen until it’s about 5 or 6pm. ??? I figured that they would show it to us as if we were there, but it seems as if they are showing it with the time change. Is it really 6pm there and I missed the first stuff?

You’[ve missed evarrthang. It’s alredy done. The “live stream” is a replay now.

Whoever that guy with the hat on was, he was sick.

Magnae Saetran was on stage warming up as well, really hope the ustream comes back online so I can see his prelim. Really rooting for that guy this year. :slight_smile:

Whose that guy (girl?) with the crazy red hair doing all those head wrap things during breaks?

Here are the results… but if you want to watch the replay as if it was live, you’d be better off not reading. :wink:

You posted this at 11:28 AM Central time, which makes it 6:28 PM in Budapest.

Go on my son! Magnae killed it, fantastic prelim. :smiley:

Sad Riccardo didn’t make it through. One of the most innovative players around these days.

Steve Brown gives another staggeringly arousing routine in that infamous tutu.

Wait, maybe arousing isn’t the right word…

…well… actually…

Man. I don’t know what to feel anymore.

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The replay starts showing from Group 4 onward. It doesn’t start from the beginning, nor does it show the results. I am so darn confused.

So, if I am to watch the real live streaming, what time do I need to get up and start watching if I am in the Central Time Zone?

“entertaining” is the righ word. I was laughing so hard!

While you were laughing, I was saying “Oh no, not again:smiley:

They are 7 hours ahead of central time.


Why is everybody always just yoyoing on stage? When will the actual performances begin? They’ve been on stage or at least an hour!


The live stream wasn’t working for most of 1A prelims, which is why you can’t find them online. There were some issues with the network connection and it took them most of the day to get them fixed.

geez, where did paul kerbal come from, that was nice. its great to see someone with such great performance value win