Could IYYC serve as a Worlds preview?

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IYYC results:

The 1A division was stacked at IYYC. Other divisions lacked that, but were equally entertaining. IYYC and WYYC are definitely different contest. The amount if competitors will surely change, but will the results? Which division results do you think have the most probability of repeating? What was your biggest takeaway from the contest?

After watching Shinji and Shu in 2A, I could foresee a repeat. Luis will definitely be a force at worlds. Janos did fine but not to 2013 worlds form. Sebby was great.


I wouldn’t think so. I have a feeling a lot of those players are holding back their best tricks for next week.


I’m just hoping Janos comes with a clean routine at worlds along with everybody else since he’s been having tons of mistakes during any onstage freestyle since going clean at worlds last year

Also this. Everyone probably has a trick up their sleeve waiting to be shown at Worlds 2014.


Zach tweeted that he had a new freestyle for Worlds. I’m sure they all have new tricks up their sleeves.

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I think it will. Luis and Zach will be very near the top. Shinj, Hank, and Ian will be near the top if not at the top.

Now about Janos. If he goes clean, he still isn’t guaranteed a win. Luis didn’t go that clean at IYYC and he beat Janos by 5 points. If both go clean, it will be very close.


Janos did not have a clean routine last year. It was actually kind of messy. 16 mess-ups. That’s almost one mess-up every 10 seconds. Not bad but not fantastic. Luis had 15.


I hope not. If Anthony goes I would hope he places higher.

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I think 1A is the least likely to repeat, due to people having different freestyles. However, I could see 2A and 3A being the same.

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I agree, but I actually think the top 2 in 1a could possibly repeat.

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There was ton of people missing from IYYC 1A, all Asians and dont forgot on Gentry, that arrived with Zac to Prague last week.

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Gentry could win.

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This will not repeat. Hiroyuki, Iori, Ahmad Karisma and Marcus Koh and Takishi and other great players in Asia awaits the. Also there is Gentry, Paul Kerbal and even H.O.T.

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I only think 2A and 3A could repeat. 1A is too varied.


4a maybe (I mean Ian Johnson winning)


nah, clean as he is, Rei has better tricks and is just as clean.



^ so you can embed videos applause


Paul Kerbel competed at IYYC. :slight_smile:


Just to show that although he usually is clean, he’s not invincible.


Sure, anything can happen.