Who will worlds 2015?


So looking at 2014 WYYC, do you think we could have a repeat next year? Someone else? Takeshi? Some rising star? I think it’s really interesting to think about next year, looking at this year. After seeing Janos last year, I thought for sure we finally, after a long drought, had a returning champ coming. Personally I’m thinking Takeshi. Oh, btw, sorry for putting out yet another worlds thread.


Zach is gonna worlds win no doubt


After hearing about how bummed Zach got after he didn’t win, I think he’s gonna get CRAZY good and work extremely hard for the win next year.


Gentry was hungry for the win and took it. Now Zach is hungry. He can do it!


It’ll be interesting to see how much competing Zach does this next contest season. He’ll be starting college here in the fall, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his presence in the contests scene decreases.


I will worlds 2015.


I will deffinetly worlds 2015 xD


Man, if I was good enough to win yoyo contests, there’s no way I would go to college.

Okay, I didn’t go to college in the first place.

I got kicked out of highschool. :smiley:


It’s a little soon too tell.

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Erik Bjork is gonna win.


Zach has a ton of potential and now he has the motivation so I think he has it


I hope Zach wins, but I’m always pulling for Anthony Rojas but it’s not likely.

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Sebby will worlds 2015.