Who do you want to win worlds 2015??

I knlw its a little early to talk about this but i have been speculating…

heres what i HOPE

1a- Vashek Krouil/ Paul Kerbel/ Takeshi Matsuura
(but i think Zach Gormley will win)

2a- Shu Takada

3a- Hank Freeman/Patrick Borgerding

4a- Ian Johnson

5a- i really want Jake Elliot to win but im pretty sure Takeshi will win

let me know what you think!

1st Paul Kerbel
2nd Ahmad Kharisma
3rd Zach Gormley


1A 1st - Zach Gormley
2nd - Takeshi Matsuura
3rd - Yuuki Spencer
4th - Ahmad Kharisma
5th - Andrew Maider

And I’m on mobile so 1A is all I’m gonna write haha


It’s in Tokyo, Japan right?

1A: Hopefully Takeshi but you never know
2A: Shinji Saito, nuff said
3A: Hajime Miura or PatBorg
4A: Michael Nakamura or Ian Johnson
5A: Maybe Jake Elliott can rob Takeshi Matsuura of his 7th 5A title :stuck_out_tongue:

Paul Kerbel


5A: National Champ Tyler Severance

John Ando… That is if he is competing.

1A - Yuuki Spencer
2A - Shinji Saito
3A - Patrick Borgerding
5A - Jake Elliot


5th-Yamato Murata (sleeper pick)

1st- Takuma

1st- Hank
2nd- Hajime
3rd- Mizuki
4th- Elliot
5th- Ken

1st- Rei
2nd- Michael
3rd- Kazuaki
4th- Zac
5th- Takumi Yasumoto

1st- Takeshi
2nd- Jake
3rd- Hideo
4th- Sora
5th- Tyler

I’m really hoping I could make at least 3A finals (making it up to 1A semis would be super cool too) but top 5 is a far reach haha.

There’s a long time away so these could be extremely inaccurate.

whomever has the highest score.

1A zach Gormley

It’s his time. I feel he will dominate most of the US comps.

He already has.

2X national champion
PNWR champion (2013)
4x SCR regional champion, 3x overall

gentry with a plastic

Jensen Kimmitt.
Its about time he made a comeback, 2010 was spectacular, and he did it with a northstar, with some backup from CLYW, he could kill the comp.

Daniel Radcliffe; Magic

Funny you say that
Most of his tech is intact and his tricks are super crazy, he just needs to focus more on competing and speedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evacUyHqq5w
Second half of this video- Hopusan can make his return!


1A- Ahmad Kharisma

2A- Shinji Saito

3A- As much as I want Pat to win, I think Hajime will take it again.

4A- Rei Iwakura

5A- Takeshi Matsuura