JENSEN Birthday JUNE 23

Happy birthday JENSEN from your Grampa EIEIYO Your biggest fan :smiley:

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Make it a great day Jensen…and many more birthdays to you EIEIYO.


Happy Birthday?

Who is Jensen?

Jensen Kimmitt. 2010 World yoyo champion, and probably 9/10 peoples favorite yoyoer.

So winning a world competition = respect

I know who he is, I was just kidding.





Yes indeed Eduardo…win worlds one time and you too can bask in our respect ;D

I’m one person who will most likely never win a yo-yo competition in my life. ;D

Happy Birthday Jensen Kimmitt.

I like your new album. :slight_smile:

Is he the guy who threw the yoyo he won worlds with in a lake?

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Yeah also because it was broken.

Wow. He really isn’t sentimental.

He wanted to make a statement. After that. He was not as into the compeating. He still did some contests but everyone knows he can do better :wink: :wink:

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