Jensen Kimmitt

Worlds 1 minute freestyle.


Jensen Kimmitt is awesome!! This vid is almost the greatest thing ever!

Yep, saw it on YYN. Bumped him up to 2nd in my mind.

That’s totally awesome!

Amazing. But I still have high hopes for Mickey ;D

He already won.

Yuuki still has my vote.

Can someone with a clicker get the string hits on this for me?

i love the cross arm black hops

It’s in the 90-110 point range, amazing

Usually, when I think of him, I think “Good yoyoer.” This just totally upped my opinion.

What! That was crazy! He is going to pwn at Worlds. And when I say pwn I mean win!

just completely bumped him up to my favorite player.
he was tied with mickey, but he just took first ;D
i love his style

SO sick.

I’m very interested to see worlds results.