Jensen Kimmitt 2011 World YoYo Contest 1A Final

Jensen Kimmitt’s Freestyle today at Worlds.
What do you guys think? Better then last year?

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I don’t think they’re even comparable. This year’s is just amazing. I can understand why he didn’t place, but it’s actually like he wasn’t even in the same contest. I mean he really wasn’t. This is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone else was yoyo-ing while Jensen was making this fluid, smooth, work of art. It should be in a museum. Every time I watch it I love it more.

It’s only 1 throw…sure there’s like 3 or 4 regens…but it’s 1 throw. Wow.

Jensen was my fav, but they weren’t going to give it to him for his art and I think he knew that. For what they were looking for Sebastian Brock was robbed. He was killer!

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I think it was obvious that Jensen didn’t want to win it. He wanted to go out and throw an amazing, smooth, jaw dropping freestyle, but something that was more visually amazing rather than something that would rack up points

Well done in choice of music that very nicely complements the performance.

Personally, I think the “speed demon” stuff gives me a headache. Thank goodness the judges can see it live and in person, because the livecast can’t offer high enough frame rates(say, upwards of 120fps) to adequately show what is going on. Even so, even with DVD and BluRay, you’re not going to get those sort of frame rates.

This performance just FLOWS.

Not that I’m any expect, but that’s one of the things I liked about watching many of the Steve Brown videos. It’s about the performance rather than blistering tricks at breakneck speed. Smooth, controlled, deliberate yet relaxed. I think this takes more work doing it “slow” than going on warp drive where the yoyo doesn’t even have time or the room to move “off course”.

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What yoyo was he using?

Avalanche i think.

He didnt bring any extra yoyos up on stage

Pure swag

CLYW needs to release a Jensen Kimmit “Flow” edition Avalanche Chief to commemorate this performance!

He used the Chief. Very impressive. Art right there.

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This is one of the best performances I have ever seen on stage

i think jensen thought he would win because if you were there, he did not come up. He only came up when they said the first place winner. so it would be a grand finale. if you were there, you would’ve seen that.

i think he should’ve won but 6th place that should be illegeal

There’s more things that can go wrong during a speedy performance. The play being slow has no effect on the yoyo going “off-course”, the yoyo is much more likely to be lost in play if the play is faster, because you don’t have time to catch up with yourself. Also, yoyos don’t lend themselves to fast play, so spinouts are much more common on the higher end of the speed spectrum.

It took me a couple views before i noticed this the other day…then i had to check it to make sure i was seeing it right. His regens are ridiculous, i thought this year’s run was amazing. I don’t care that it was only 2:30, it’s silly good all around.

Lol, he came up because they were calling him for five minutes before they decided to go on without him.

Thats exactly what I was thinking.

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i know right!!!