Great performances?

What are the greatest yoyo performances of all time in your opinion? URLs are great.
(Jensens 2011 wyyc goes without saying)

christopher chias 2011 AP freestyle just amazing

I thought you meant Artistic Performance.


Asia Pacific :wink:

Hank Freeman, finals, 2012 world yoyo contest.
I’ll try to get the link up, but I’m not very computer savvy.

vashek kroutil WFC3

everything takeshi matsuura touches.

 Jensen Kimmit's 2010 world yoyo contest winning performance. One of the few things on this earth I would use the word EPIC for.

I think that Shu Takada’s worlds and Japan nationals performance was very creative and well thought out.

This is easy,
Ben Conde 2011 wyyc.

or the 2011 both incredible

1999 Steve Brown AP freehand.


this also

This also

That’s my favorite performance, I like how he left a mess up on that stage :smiley:

Darrell Mitchell AP 2012
Christopher Chia AP 2012
Hirouki Suzuki Japan Nationals 2012