The most impressive thing I've ever seen


Was browsing youtube and came across this video. I must say that this is the most impressive performance I have ever seen. If anyone has a cooler yoyo video please post it. Im interested in seeing if things can get more extreme than this.


I reckon Christopher Chia’s 2011 AP winning performance gives it a good run for its money.



If this guy goes to worlds or EYYC next year I just think he will win hands down.

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lol came to post Janos, glad i got beat, just mind blowing.


I bring more Janos.

He’s just awesome, isn’t he?


This is probably my favorite yoyo video of all time.

So much inspiration to me.


How have I not heard of Janos?
It blew all of my minds.


I just watched that…  Wow,  why have I not heard of him, and why is he not a world champion?  Truly revolutionary stuff.
Mind.  blown.


Wow. All I can say is:


Wow… Janos is just… wow! Those skills, those sunnies and the sweetest sideburns ever!


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That was impressive