AP 2011 1A champion is freaking insane!!!!! force to look out for

Christopher had such an amazing FS!!! so hype for worlds 2011 now!!

Step Your Game up Kids.

Christopher has been my call for Worlds 2011 since I saw him live at 2010. He is so nice and has a HUGE stage presence. Take that.

It sounded like a huge crowd too, Im glad.

WOW!!! Someone help me close my jaw!!! He will definitly win worlds for sure without a doubt By the way… TAKE THAT

I don’t think he’ll win worlds, but he is definitely going to place a close second.

This guy…

those tricks are sooo easy i can do all of them invented some of them like the rejection follow whip that he does and hes still going to beat me cause of how fast he is…

Sure Dylan… :stuck_out_tongue:

dude all hes doing is getting points thats it, im sorry but like eli hop variations and 1.5 sideways spins that i invented arent that impressive to see i mean like hes a great yoyoer but not very innovative great presence though its a cool freestyle i like some of the slack ninja vanish stuff for sure but i mean there are a lot of those in the world so although cool i mean they arent that special i have a couple of special ones myself idk i mean your just going to have to impress me more if you want to be my favorite for the front runner for the title this year especially when you add in players like Luo Yi Cheng who if he had a clean freestyle would have a huge shot at the title, mickey although he lost at ap is definitely always a contender at worlds with his stage presence and experience of 3 titles. Throw into the mix Jensen who’s just showed us all at cal states that he still has a jump on the pack in terms of skill, Gentry who I myself think isnt going to win but you never know the kid is inspired to win, Myself who is putting in practice everyday and is constantly inventing new tricks that are used by other players heck my sideways play is the most innovative play out there, plus you have yuuki who is always a threat, paul who is always pushing forward, and augie who is slowly getting his point count higher and higher as the results show from cal states, plus you have players like anthony who always throw big at worlds, lets face it, its too early to call it at this point its still a free for all.

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I kinda like Jensen more

The problem with this guy is, I quite frankly hate fast play. He do it so fast, I turned the computer off at around 30 seconds, because it wasn’t enjoyable. While as Jensen, had a good pace at Worlds making it enjoyable, not just how many trick I can do in 3 minutes

ok dylan u said u can do those tricks tell u what i will give u five days to upload a video of u doin his freestyle

haha your funny you will never catch me dead using braintwister combos or eli variations besides i said i could do them i didnt say i could do them as fast… fady my friend i think we all know that to win ap you have to be good i just dont find this freestyle too particularly great when compared to some of the other front runners this year like

paul han

Yuuki (really look at this freestyle and you will see what i mean)

Even when compared to other fast players like anthony Chirstopher Chia is that great look at some of the tricks anthony threw at socal for instance

and dude lets be honest what trick in this freestyle reaaallllyyyy popped out at you to make you think that this guy is so great?

You jelly?

Ok guys, Really? He had a good freestyle. Even though his tricks aren’t nearly as innovative as Yuuki or Anthony, he consistantly hits tricks fast and clean. Have you really ever seen someone do inverted tricks that cleanly and with that much speed. His ninja vanish combos are unheard of. Im saying that we all need to step our game up with just trying to do crazy ninja vanish combos while in inverted positions. Personally I like Marcus Koh’s FS a lot because he did some things that no one else does, while still showing Luo Yi Cheng inspiration and presicion. I think that Christopher’s new concepts are just different from anything I have seen before, but definantly need som perfecting.

Here is MK for you:

Christopher did great, and I applaud Dylan for actually making this an argument.

Oh my bad. Cool guy.


The Weird Trapeze Behind Th Back Eli Hops thingy and all the wicked hori. comboz at the end and just his stage presence  :slight_smile:

I Didn’t say u should do it fast  ;D

Do u know what score did he get 98 just sayin

cause of his performance smarty pants he lost 2 post on the performance aspect haha he got an 80 on the tech part of his score though hes just a point grubber thats all haha and the sideways stuff? are u refering to the mounts that i created or the ones he just took from me?

he got 68.8 /70 on the tch part and 29.1/30 in the performance dude and took from u :o really r u kiddin dude he IS AWESOME DEAL WITH IT and am talkin about his last horizontal combos do u know how flexible this dude is that flexible