Jensen Kimmitt. Who?

Hey forum.
I just got into the yoyoing scene in July of 2011, so I’m pretty new at this. July, as in, before Marcus Koh won. July, as in, Jensen Kimmitt was world champion and still looking good. July, as in, before he went into depression and wrote all sorts of sad raps. July, like, before he deleted all those raps.

When I started yoyoing, I had just got back from camp, and I was thrilled. I was playing a yomega raider, and I just felt awesome. So, as usual, I get back and me and my huge family (all seven of us) gather around the table and ask how it was. I explained all the fun things we did and all the classes I took, then showed them the raider. I could do forward pass and sometimes around the world. That was it.

   My mom and siblings couldn't care less, but when my dad saw that, he thought it was the craziest thing he ever saw! That is, until we watched  Jensen Kimmitt's freestyle for worlds. Both our mind were blown. He was an instant inspiration for me. Me being young, me and my dad have a very large connection. He was very supportive. But, he didn't yoyo. So I needed someone to keep me inspired. Naturally, it was Jensen Kimmitt. I watched all his stuff, listened to all his music, and worshipped his routines (I was heartbroken when he didn't compete at worlds this year). But as I was inspired by him, I had no idea about what he was going through. I payed attention to some things, like his jumping from clyw to yyf. But I never got the inside story like everyone else.

What happened? What was the drama? Why did he delete everything and dissapear? Why didn’t he stay with clyw? Give me the detailed, full story.


In before da lock.

PM’d with various info.

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NO! i hate when something like this come up and everyone just says “Before the lock!” or “mods please”. for real? Why? Why is it such a big deal that threads get deleted and no one answers the question about him? How do you all know about it? Im so confused!

We have our ways. ^^


Also, SR, could you PM me?

I don’t even know much about it…

I don’t like it either. People just want some information, but it seems every thread about Jensen gets locked lol. It’s pretty stupid, people just want to know stuff, they’re curious. I’m curious as well.

While I was out of yoyoing for a year all this stuff happened and I’ve tried my best to understand what exactly happened and piece it all back together. I’ve found out alot of information from doing hours of research. It’s sounds obsessive I know, but with everything pretty much deleted, edited, locked, etc; it’s hard to get information.

This whole situation kind of sucks, but it’s Jensen’s life, not ours. We can’t tell him what to do. I just keep waiting for a sign that he did in fact return. I love Jensen’s yoyoing so much, to me, there is no one that can match his skill and flow. He’s made it an art form. He has perfected yoyoing. He is the best.

well im not the guy to be obnoxious and constantly be asking questions of his situation… as you said its his life not mine, and its none of my business to be asking. BUT… when someone does ask about it and seems to be interested in the situation i find a very general explanation would be fine. Just give a very brief overview… and if someone wants to learn more they can do research as SR did.

I fine it obnoxious that anytime ive seen someone ask about him they delete it as soon as they see it.

Well it’s kind of long story, but here goes nothin’. As far as I understand it anyways.

It all started between 2009 and '10 worlds. I guess Jensen decided he wasn’t happy with 4th place. This is when he left CLYW for the first time and joined YYF, simply for more publicity I believe. I think his mother also passed away during this period and there was a lot of crazy drama between him and ya boi T-Sev over some girl who’s really into yoyo champs. Lots of crazy stuff happened all at once. Then he won worlds '10 and even more crazy stuff got piled on top of this already really stressful situation. He decided he couldn’t take it anymore, left YYF and dropped off the map.

Jensen remained mostly silent for all of 2011. 'cept for an appearance at Cal states. Then world’s 2011 came along and Jensen showed the world what yoyoing was all about, while still taking home a respectable 9th place. Then BOOM! Jensen was back and he had a sweet yoyo group called the Little Scrappy fetus Crew, LSFC for short. He then rejoined the lodge and under the LSFC banner made all kinds of sweet videos, stirred up a lot of drama, and generally had a good time. All while giving the yoyo community a detailed insight into his personal values and beliefs.

Then Jensen mysteriously apologized for everything he did, left CLYW for the second time, and dropped off the map again. Never to be heard from again. UNTIL NOW! You see, he recently released a video featuring grainy footage of him using a fixed axle wooden yoyo. JENSEN. IS. BACK. AGAIN.

That’s about it I guess. I hope this thread doesn’t get locked considering I just typed all this up. I don’t get all the drama or why people make a big deal about him.


Thanks Alex.

Pretty funny of you to post on this. I was just watching some of your videos a few minutes ago.

Good explanation, much better than I could’ve put it.

I really hope he comes back for good this time. I just wanna see some mad yoyoing.

I asked chris if Jensen was really back, he replied that Jensen was throwing and smiling, and that’s all that matters.



that is one of the best things ive read… after reading bout the situation for nearly an hour that actually makes me extremely happy

edit: i also now hate girls and another particular yoyoer… thats beside the point though

This makes me happy.



Throwrw: my thought exactly.


I’m glad. He’s very talented.

sortaish, hes back on his own i guess. i dont think well be seeing much of him for a while still

Google “Why did Jensen Kimmit leave Yoyofactory?”, and click the first link.

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I’ve done my own web-digging trying to find information on stuff that gets locked down (like with this Jensen stuff, or the Yomega thing at Worlds 07 [?]), but I never saw that Post before. Man, I feel even more for the guy, and I hope he is nothing but happy. If he never competes again, I hope he can just throw and be happy.

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