Jensen Kimmit quit Yoyofactory?

He updated his Facebook saying that, is it true?


I censored out mine and others information.

I just read this from twitter like ten minutes ago. Wonder whats up.

Schweet. Will YYJ be making a signature yoyo for him also?

I heard he was going to Yomega.

that would make sense if he was going to yomega because he was talking about how he wants to make throws that are cheap but can go toe to toe with the high ends. he wants to teach and give back to the yoyo community, and no matter what your view on yomega is the fact is 9 out of 10 of us started off on them or at least used them when we where starting.


You guys know as much as me ???

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hmmm interesting. $$$$$$

I like YYF, and I think he is going to Yomega.

whatever happens happens and we can’t change it. He’s a chill guy and has his own mindset so whatever he’s doing is his own thing.

I hope he stays indie.

I love how on he says he used YYF so he could get on top and publicized as one of the best.

Jensen actually said that on facebook.

He used YYF to get promotion. Now he just wants to have fun, so he left.

yeah i agree but we would still like the latest dirt on whats happening

Yoyoskills would be the best place for that.

jensen keeps switching from company to company

Pic is a fake!!!
says so Jensen himself via Facebook

Quote Jensen
“I don’t know, it originally said yoyo factory. Then somebody changed it to YYJ, then Walmart.”

Guys, This Picture is Fake. Do you guys REALLY Think Jensen would leabe YYF for YYJ? Here is a REAL Pic. Somebody just edited it to make it look like a YYJ Shirt. And Why he said he ne Quit YYF, I dont Know. Maybe he Really Did, but hes not going to YYJ. Proof:

Oh dear, it seems modern yoyoists have decended to celebrity gossip.