YYF Drops Jensen!?

I’ve heard some rumblings about the Jensen Kimmit / YoyoFactory relationship going sour. Some of you may not know, that, like the New York Yankees, YYF requires all of their players to be clean-shaven, in order to give off an image of class. Jensen apparently refused to ditch his signature beard, and, after the failing of some other negotiations, YoYoFactory gave up and dropped Jensen. Chris (CLYW) hasn’t spoken up about whether or not he’ll take him back… Oh jeez.

Weird… Nice comparison BTW :smiley:
This is gonna get weird.

Yeah I heard this word too, from quite a reliable source I might add. This is too bad for Jensen, he’s a good yoyoer, but I guess we can’t all have what we want now can we?

This is a joke, right? Miggy has facial hair… Tyler can wear a septum piercing but Jensen can’t have a thinner beard than Miguel? Steve can have his head tattooed but no facial hair?
Lol. This has got to be a joke.

When I asked about this, my source informed me that Miggy’s is there for religious and/or cultural reasons, and they made an exception in this case.

Oh, man… This is hilarious/infuriating at the same time.
I still refuse to believe this is real. I’ll believe it when his picture isn’t on the team page.

Oh yeah, after Jeremy told me, I had to find out for myself. Sad truth is… it is the truth! I can’t say I’m not glad though. I think CLYW suits Jensen more.

Oh, that’s bull. I officially hate YYF’s politics. Steve can have the back of his head and most of his arms tattooed, Miguel can have facial hair, Tyler has his septum done, but Jensen can’t have a little bit of hair chillin’ on his face?

So true. :wink:

I totally facepalmed…YYF would give up one of thhe best yoyoers around the world just because he has facial hair?

this was certainly worth a chuckle. considering i’ve seen ben sport a beard that had me confusing him with grizzly adams, i’m just gonna go ahead and blame this on the date

Guys… based on what Jeremy told me, it’s not REALLY about his facial hair. I can’t believe you believed that. It’s because YYF is pissed at CLYW for continuing the Wooly Marmot. They wanted them to stop because they were going to make Jensen a similar plastic, but they wouldn’t. So Jensen asked the guys to back off of CLYW, and so they kicked him off the team.

darn a plastic wooly marmot would be COOL!

Still hate YYF’s politics.
The Wooly Marmot doesn’t have to have Jensen’s name on it. They are free to make whatever yoyo they choose, seeing that they designed it well before YYF had an interest in Jensen. CLYW will never touch the sales that YYF makes. Ever. They had no right to ask CLYW to discontinue the Wooly Marmot.

I didn’t have a problem with YoYoFactory basically running the show up until now. If they are gonna’ start bullying the smaller companies into discontinuing yoyos they made for old team members before they started winning every contest they go to and YoYoFactory takes an interest in them, I’m not down.

I’ve lost so much respect for YYF. This makes me just want to chuck my Lunatic out the window. They don’t have a right to tell CLYW what to do. CLYW doesn’t have to stop making Wooly Marmots just so YYF can make a bootleg.

So why can Tyler have that disgusting looking nose ring (or whatever its actually called)


Just read the thing about the wooly and if thats true its total bs, yyf is digging their own grave


*Points to Calendar"

Why would you ruin the perfect prank?

if they dropped kimit then why is he still on the team sight

april fools day people :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: no really its all not real its april’s fooooooooooool