Jensen Kimmitt News.

Jensen Kimmitt has quit CLYW… for YYF.


After analyzing it, and talking it over with the very intelligent Jeremy Levine, I have lost much respect that I previously had for Jensen Kimmitt.

Edit: Since it has been proven true, I changed the topic name and post. I also would like to add that I have decided to not judge Jensen since we don’t know his side of the story.

Agree with the last sentence.

Thats crazy!!! JK practically makes up CLYW!

everyones going to yyf first ann colly then jensen kimmitt. wow.

Ann Connoly wasn’t the first. There were many others that did it previously.

Shinji Saito, Patrick Mitchel, Mastuez Ganc, Ann Colony, Jason Lee, Yuuki Spencer, Miguel Correa( I think) and Paul Han all left their previous sponsers for YYF.

Good thing my favorite company is YYJ.

That is an inaccurate statement. Boyd has stuck around since the beginning and has done much more(from the public perspective, and in my opinion)for Caribou Lodge. Same for Sebastian.

I’d like to think Jensen just had a falling out with the CLYW guys and left for personal reasons. Not business related reasons. But if it is the latter, I think he has lost the respect of a lot of the community, mine to start.

guys you’re all going about this the wrong way! if he did quit CLYW to go to yyf it was his own choice and we should all respect it. He’s still going to be doing contests and performing. it’s not like he’s going to retire and just drop out of sight! Plus like samad said IT’S JUST A RUMOR!!!

I can’t lose respect for someone until I’ve heard the full story.

Plus, YYFs don’t vibrate lol

EDIT: It is completely true. Check out YYF’s twitter.

Also, has anyone thought that Jensen moved to YYF because their yoyos are better and they have more of them? People on YYF get way more (and better, if I do say so myself) stuff than guys on CLYW. Heck, guys that aren’t even on YYF get more free stuff.

Funny how people jump on bandwagons. In this thread, for example.

Samad says he loses respect for JK and sunddenly there’s a bunch of posts saying similar things.
d4rqk0n3 says we should still respect JK and his decision, and then there’s posts agreeing with him.

I’d like to hear what some of you really think.


Actually, I doubt people are jumping on the bandwagon with me. Many people probably had my reaction before me, but mine was genuine since I learned of this news on the phone with Jeremy. A lot of people just think alike.

.> whoops I posted a fail reply then deleted the wrong one >.>

Its his own business what he does w/ his life. Im sure there will be nice perks for him to be on YYF.
Its like if you worked for Coors and moved to Miller, its not that the beer is better but they possibly pay more…

Jensen Kimmitt has finally moved on. You guys should respect his decision no matter what. I believe that YYF will be able to do more for one the of the industries hottest players. Don’t get me wrong, CLYW is a great company, but YYF does have a domage in that most every yoyoer has at least one YYF. Bigger people move on to bigger companies. I can’t wait for his new signiture series. It’s gonna be tight dawg.

Upon reading this my immediate thought was why he would do this. Not really knowing anything about it other then he swapped teams, i did not lose any respect for him. We respect him because of how he yo-yos, no matter what title he is repp’n he is still going to yoyo the same.

No more Marmots?

What is YYF going to do with all these players?

Well speaking generally…usually when it comes to groups people tend to play favorites whether they intend to or not. With the amount of players on YYF. Its bound to happen, not saying anything bad about YYF of course its just human nature.

I really only see one of two things happening…a) players are going to end up leaving YYF for whatever reason, from not being listened to or whatever. ( tends to be hard to give everyone equal time with a group that big. Or b) YYF is going to get overwhelmed and have to start cutting players, don’t even know if that’s possible but it is a possibility.

Again this is in no way a knock on YYF, just giving my two cents on the post previous mine.

As for Jensen Kimmitt, he had his reasons for switching, whether personal or business, it was right for him and that’s how we should see it. He is a great player, and should support him.

I think YYF is being pretty smart about this. They have one impressive roster of players, and an equally impressive line of signature yo-yos to show for it. They consistently win all kinds of championships and are just generally well received in the yo-yoing community. YYF has collected some real talent.

I’m not familiar with the details of Jensen’s switch, and it’s really none of my business. The good news is that it most likely wont put a damper on CLWY’s awesome yo-yos, or how great a player Jensen is. Really, we’ll just have to see what comes of it.