CLYW's new employee.


Good to see he’s back in the community. :slight_smile:


Wow! Yay!


Get ready for this thread to blow up

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Sounds about right.


Nice to see him back, and even nicer to see him back on CLYW.




Funny. I was just watching his 2011 WWYC for the bazillionth time. WOO!


so hes back?


I thought he looked sad in the 2011 one


I think it was more of a mellow performance. Not sad, but concentrated. His concentration had to be through the charts to land every trick flawlessly and hit to regens just right, not to mention how it went perfectly to the best of the music


I was just showing some of my friends his 2010 performance today at school.

I’m glad he’s back. I was never really too much into the yoyo community when he was around. I had just started and didn’t really know about any yoyoers except for Andre.

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Yayy! I’m still rocking my Canvas ;D


This is great news. CLYW is on fire.


It’s a miracle!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


This is getting better and better!

One of my favorite yoyoers!!!


me too!


Glad to see him smile, awesome job imo!



Hmmmmmmm… ??? ??? ???
Now all we need is a video.

Glad to see ya back, Jensen!!


To eliminate confusion, I’m pretty sure that he isn’t on the team, but he works for chris now as an employee. but YAY!

Looks like he’s getting back on track :slight_smile: