Charles and Jensen leave CLYW


Chris has just posted on Facebook that Charles and Jensen will leave CLYW:

As of right now, he can’t tell what that new project is (as he says he doesn’t know) but he’s sure it’ll be good.

What will that be?

Will this change your view of CLYW?

To me, this is great news. Why? Because CLYW will remain awesome due to great products and phantastic team. And we as a community will get another force to be rekon with, namely whatever Jensen and Charles are cooking up. Provided they remain true to the yoyo community, of course…


edit: more insight to personal view added

nope… i will still view them as extravagant Canadian yoyos that don’t come dipped in maple syrup…

Who knows what they’re working on? Maybe they’re making a yoyo company? Maybe they got signed to do a professional rap album? I’m really interested in what’s going to happen…

Jensen has already disassociated himself with CLYW to a large degree. The Charles part is a bit more of a surprise, but at the same time one never got the sense that he competed for love of competition or anything. I was quite happy to continue seeing him do Cabin Tutorials and drop edits… didn’t need to see him competing to be a big fan. :wink:

I think you’re right, Andreas-- if they apply themselves, the yoyo world could see something interesting come of this! While CLYW will continue to be who they are without too many hiccups. Might need to fill a void in the Cabin Tutorials but that’s about it.

I just hope they do just that… apply themselves to something, whatever that turns out to be. I’d miss their contributions to the yoyo world. Both are amazing players with a lot to offer.

It appears to be yoyo related. Chris said in a comment that he gave Charles the design for his signature yoyo, so I’d take that to mean Charles & Jensen are going to release it. Plus, Jensen is working on a new fixed axle that sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to get both of those, whenever they are released.

My first thought when I heard about this was, “Oh great, another cool yoyo company to take my money.” ;D

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Oh, but they do!!!

Not trying to insult CLYW or the team members but I will be looking at CLYW in a different light without these two members. These guys seems to be pulling a lot of the love towards the company with their quirky promo videos and cabin tutorials and I’ve considered them to be the face of the company. I think they were a big contributors to the CLYW team.

That being said, I don’t think it will have such a large effect on the companies yoyo production side of things. They will still produce top notch return tops.

Good luck to both parties.


To your point the real reason why I like CLYW more than other teams/yoyos was strictly because of Jensen and Charles. Honestly their yoyos arent any different than other good yoyos out there if you understand where I’m coming from. They arent the only ones making good stuff, but the guys is what really gravitated me towards choosing their product.

I gotta agree somewhat with the previous posts.

Charles and Jensen seemed to be the primary faces behind a lot of CLYW’s marketing stuff, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out now.

Does this really change my view on CLYW? Nah, they’re still my favorite company and are the makers of my top throws (except the Caesar). Unless they start stealing money or something, CLYW has my loyalty with or without their sponsored players. I still think CLYW is going to retain that maple syrup goodness that we all know and love

Are there OTHER high quality yoyo manufacturers out there? Yeah, I’m not going to be ignorant and just blind myself to other companies, but I’ll buy a CLYW over anything, any day.

Where can the cabin tutorials be found?

Oh man this is kind of dissapointing and sad, but we will be getting a new yoyo company so it is not all that bad. I just feel that they made CLYW most of what it was it is gonna be weird to not associate them with them anymore, but good luck to them. :confused:

The youtube channel is “CLYW” and look for the “cabin tutorial” playlist.

I don’t know about you guys but, I’m planning on waiting this out to see what happens it could be something cool.

I have to admit that I never bought CLYW because of any of the team players. I always bought because of the yo-yos, and after all, “everybody loves Chris.”

But, I wish those two the best in their future endeavors.


Man it would be cool if they were on the forum so we could hear their inputs.

As mentioned previously, Jensen is not too large of a surprise.

But Charles, that is what really shocked me. Regardless of who he is with or what he does (that is legal :P) he is still one of my favorite yoyoers of all time. Also wasn’t Chuck getting a sig sometime in the future?

Good luck, hope both of you have fun with the “project”. I’m pumped. :slight_smile:

Chris have him the CAD for his signature throw.

I’m really excited to see where this goes. It seems to me that newer CLYW throws are getting more and more competition oriented design wise (though definitely with a bit of added CLYW pizzazz), but I have been wanting to see something quirky from them along the lines of Glacier Express, Cliff, Canvas, Galactic Goose, etc. I was really hoping that Chuck’s sig would fall in line with these kinds of throws since he was the primary non-competition thrower on the team. The WM2 was the quirkiest of the current line-up in my opinion. I was under the impression that Jensen’s yoyos would be fixies, probably quirky fixies :slight_smile: , but I’m super intrigued that it seems that they’ll be making metal throws too! Here’s hoping for some fun, limited run, quirky, fun throws in the vein of early CLYW. All that said there’s nothing that could take away from my love for CLYW, and can’t wait to pick up some of their newer stuff as well!!

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Yep, just like a long, long time ago, in another place and time when Steve Brown left Duncan. The sky is falling.

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