If you could only pick one of the new CLYWs, which would you pick?

Puffin 2, Arctic Circle 2, Gnarwhal 2, or Bonfire and why (only if you know about the throw specifically)?

I would probably pick the Puffin 2.

  1. AC2
  2. Puffin 2
  3. Gnarwhal 2
  4. Bonfire

I will probably end up getting all of them between Christmas and my birthday since are close together.

Hahaha, your poor parents and relatives who have to get you those! Pretty expensive

Where does everyone hear about all these new throws?

The clywblog is a most wonderful place as well as yoyonews and facebook


Haha I’ll probably get one maybe 2 if I’m really lucky for Christmas and then 1 for my birthday. And then I’ll just buy whatever I don’t have.

Specs aren’t even out are they? I’d get whichever one is lightest. CLYWs these days are all too heavy, i like a nice light, floaty yoyo. Hopefully they make something in the 63-65g area, but i know they won’t, so none.

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Based on absolutely no specs and very few pictures? Probably the Puffin 2. Love the original.

But to TRULY pick one out and buy it? I’ll wait until they’re released, get some specs, and hopefully get an unbiased review or two first.

They’re all potentially interesting. I hate money so I’m sure I’ll wind up with all 4 sooner or later. Basing it on my preferences of the initial models these new ones are based on, the Gnarwhal 2 is definitely last on my list right now. Could certainly change as specs are released.

I’d like to see a normal sized but monstrously weighted throw from CLYW. I love the Mutant DNA and something similar from CLYW could be really interesting.

Tried the Z-ON or Gleipnir? Obviously not CLYW, but if you like a nice solid yoyo those are some of the best around.

Not yet, but a definite possibility if I love the Draupnir or Messiah that I peer pressured myself into buying from you guys posting so many pretty pictures in the YYR thread

I would say AC2 because I have both that and the gnarwhal and it plays a lot more to my liking. And the box art is great! But I’d say second is the puffin 2 I have never played the original but from what I’ve heard it’s awesome, then the bonfire and lastly the gnarwhal. I like the original just not enough to e overly excited about a sequel

I would say the Bonfire (what I’ve seen of the shape appeals to me) and the Puffin 2. I’m not terribly interested in the Arctic Circle 2 and even less in the Gnarwhal 2, but who knows? ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

Seriously, If I was asking for a new CLYW, I’d say just give me one at random. They’re probably all pretty good.

  1. Puffin 2
  2. Ac2
  3. Bonfire
  4. Gnarwhal 2

Artic Circle!! Although Im waiting for the yeti too! Where art thou Yeti?

Rats, I meant the bonfire…

Puffin 2

Your not alone I didnt hear about um till last week