If you could only pick one of the new CLYWs, which would you pick?

I’ve heard the new Arctic Circle is super laid back and floaty.

For sure my answer is the first one that is released in delirium dive :slight_smile:

Puffin 2 won’t let you down!

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Ive narrowed it down i just want the puffin 2 if i HAD to choose 1

Bro, you need an Instagram. Get the updates as they happen.

The Bonfire really intrigues me for some reason. I don’t even remember seeing pictures of it anywhere (link anyone…?), but it just peaks my interest much more than the others. Either way, I can’t exactly afford any at the moment, so oh well.

The first one sold here in the U.S.A., at YoyoExpert.

^^^ THIS!!!

The Peak 2.

You might have to wait a while then.

I’d go for the poor Gnarwhal 2, as everyone seems to prefer its brothers :’(

Yeah uh… They aren’t being sold here…

That’s why, the first one that they announce that is being sold in yoyoexpert TA is going to buy.

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Yeah, but the won’t announce it, because they aren’t being sold here anymore…

Wait, YYE doesnt sell CLYW anymore?

yye sells the core line : avalanche, chief , glacier express , cliff and maybe black yetis but the new 2014 line up will not be sold anywhere else but clyw

It’s actually the “Legacy Throws” the line up for YYE is BvM2, Sasquatch, Avalanche, Chief, Black Yetis, :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you i knew i was forgetting something! And i didnt know sasquatches were still being made

Maybe that’s the joke that TA is not gonna buy any of them lol!

Nah, she’s just super-loyal as a YYE customer. I could see her buying one if they change their policy and start selling them here.