I’m a newbie to CLYW and the recent posts have made me pretty interested in the company.
Since I have no access to the physical models themselves, I’m wondering about the differences in the 2014 line up - the Bonfire, Puffin 2, Gnarwhal 2 and the Wooly Marmot 2. (Is Arctic Circle 2 also included in this?)

What are the major differences in feel between them all?


Mostly small differences in shape, size, and weight.

CLYW actually has a comparison tool on their website, check it out!


Yeah, they all seem similar on those spec comparisons, I’m mostly wondering about the float and speed of each yoyo.


Those small differences can make a huge difference in how they play!

I only have a few, but my Puffin 2 is definitely a speed demon. Fun throw, but a little less stable. But very comfortable in my hand, very fun to throw.

My Arctic Circle 2 plays very similar to a Summit in my opinion. Quite floaty, very stable, definitely one of my favorites.

My Bonfire feels a little more in the middle. Very stable, but keeps some speed and stability. Probably the best all-around.

My Puffin isn’t very stable, it doesn’t spin very long, though it’s quite fast. But there’s something about it, I just really enjoy throwing it.

Those are the ones I own…check out he has a bunch of CLYW reviews.


Thanks a lot for the input!


No problem. It’s hard when the yo-yos are so expensive, you want to get one that you know you’ll like. Sometimes you can find people at contests who will let you try theirs, which is useful.


Yeah I live in New Zealand, like a competition is going to happen here :smiley: haha


Aw, that does make it rough. Hit that highspeedyoyo site I linked, I find he does pretty solid reviews, and he’s hit a lot of the CLYWs.