I just got a chief and love it. My birthday is coming up and I want another CLYW. My preferences are floaty over solid, and full sized, but still considering the puffin. Also considering the summit


The summit is amazing, and incredibly smooth. It will also give you a taste of one drop, it has a one drop 10 ball bearing, and clyw aqua response pads. To me, the puffin is a fun throw, and the summit is a competition ready throw.


Hmmmm I would reccomend not getting the Summit only because you may want more variety in your collection (Chief should tie you over in the competition ready zone). For Floatiness, go for the Puffin or if you wanna try oversize, go Cliff. What are you saying yoyo143? The Puffin is fun, but is very capable for competition! Back on, the Puffin is a party animal. It stays true to its character. I like how it’s a midsize, but plays like a full size. It’s a great yoyo and frankly one of the best CLYW in my opinion. The Cliff is even more floaty because of its weight to diameter ratio. The Cliff is great for consistency and a really good oversized yoyo. The Summit still isn’t a bad choice, it’s a great yoyo, just that the other 2 are better if you wanted more variety in your case.

If you are not TOTALLY sold on CLYW, I reccomend trying YoyoRecreation. They are known for being the top competition throws and are regarded as such. They have a very unique feel to them.


If you want floaty go with the Cliff.


Haha, its just that I think the summit is more competition. I would also recommend yoyorecreation too. Plus, the summit has side effects.

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Oh yeah, the summit is very competition worthy. HOWEVER, it is one of the most fun throws. I like it so much more than the puffin…