CLYW yoyo help!!

Alright guys and gals, someone help me out. I recently got myself a CLYW AC2…and I actually returned it because the vibe was out of control. I really want to stick with CLYW, but are the rest of their yoyos really THAT good in comparison to other high end throws? I mean, do they spin as long, and are they as fast as other yoyos in that 150 buck price range? I am afraid to throw my money down again.

Anyways, how are some other the other yoyos, Gnarwhal 2, Puffin 2, Wooly Marmot 2, Chief and some others by them…how do they compare to other high end yoyos? Also, can anyone compare the sizes of the above yoyos to like a DV888 for reference? (thats the smallest I want to go.) Anything kind of like a shutter in size? Thanks!

You can easily look at the specs and see what fits it in terms of size. They’re all bigger than the dv888 just to let you know. That said I’d say in terms of most interesting it’d be puffin 2, chief, wooly marmot 2, AC2, then gnarwhal 2. Personally there’s several other throws like irony jpx, valor, space cowboy, aftershock, and summit that I’d also consider heavily.

Many of CLYW’s standard sized throws are a “meh” for me. They all tend to have the big, floaty, organicish v-shaped, wide feel to them.
The mid to undersized ones are a blast to play with though, but I never look at CLYW’s and think, “Thats what I want to play in a competition”

If you want pure performance look towards an Asian brand, for fun look at a WM2 or a Puffin.