Battle of the new CLYW's

Been awhile folks.

Thinking of picking up a CLYW, and thought of going for the Chief as I loved it, but with the new wave of throws, would you guys recommend anything else?

The Arctic Circle II
BvM 2

Against the Chief and Avalance & Sasquatch.

What say you guys? Would be good if owners or players of them yoyos could pitch in and compare how they play and what they’d recommend.

I’ve had a BvM2 and have an AC2 now. I like the AC2 a LOT more. It just has a nice feel to it, for me. I love the shape and size as well. It just works. You’ll be able to find a BvM2 for a lot less money though.

I’d take an ac2 out of the three.

BONFIRE. It’s very floaty without lacking spin time and overall just a very good yoyo whether your just chilling or competing.

All are very good

You can find BvM2s on the cheap for a reason. I hated mine and got rid of it as soon as I could.

The Bonfire, however, is immaculate. I’d suggest picking up one of those. I haven’t tried an AC2 so I can’t comment on that but I’ve only heard good thing.

bonfire out of the three, bvm2 is right behind ;D

Obviously we’re getting mixed reviews… if you don’t have any set preferences then just pick the prettiest one…

Puffin 2 is my favorite of the 2014 lineup

B-B-B-Bonfire! One of the most versatile yoyos I’ve ever thrown.