CLYW recommendation please (chief is not that good)

Hi everyone, I am planning to get another CLYW yoyo.
I have a lot of high-end yoyos from different manufacturers, but I lack of yoyos from CLYW.

1 month ago, I purchased a chief with all the hype out there. To me, it is just a good yoyo, not a great one. I feel that it lacks of power and it does not plays as great as everbody claims.
I know comparing it with high-end japanese metal like anglam or sleipnir is not fair, but still compared with YYF yoyos, I feel Genesis is slightly better than the Chief.

So, for the next CLYW, I want something that really gives the kick, something that is on competition level, on par with the japanese high-end yoyos, spins forever, and the most important thing for me is that it should be extremely stable.

I have heard good things about BvM2, and I am curious if the new bonfire and AC2 are better.
Hope you guys can give me some recommendation :slight_smile:

Yeah the BvM2 is pretty solid and packs a lot of rim weight

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Great ! How does it compare with your other yoyos?
I can see that it’s your favourite though.

When comparing the BvM2, AC2, and Bonfire, the BvM2 is my least favorite of the three. I agree that it packs a lot of rim weight and it will power through any combo. For me it lacked any sense of personality. I know a lot of people love it but it never resonated with me. The Bonfire is probably my favorite out of the three. It’s very unique and smooth on the string. I don’t mean “no vibe” smooth, though mine has no vibe, I mean it plays smoothly with a unique pace. It’s fast on the string and it is very stable, I don’t know…it’s hard to explain, to me the Bonfire just doesn’t really feel like anything else out there. It’s unique in a very good way and that in-and-of-itself makes it a worthwhile purchase.

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Which one is the most stable and has the longest spin time?

This. If you want something thats stable and long spinning but don’t care about feel get like a Dreadnought.

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I would say the bvm2. It packs the most punch out of all three. I personally feel it is actually the best of the three.

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Considering you want a yoyo that packs a punch the BvM2 is really the only one that does that. The Chief doesn’t really seem to fit your preferences it seems like you like heavy/solid yoyos.

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Just echoing the above–based on your description of what you want, the BvM2 is the way to go.

You like the Genesis better than the Chief because the Genesis is a solid and powerful performer. If that’s what you want, the BvM2 is the clear choice…

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thanks guys, I think I’ll get the BvM2.
now i’ll just have to wait for the restock

The Sasquatch also fits that criteria. It has presence, great stability and spins forever. Not being the latest model, you might find a deal.


The Sasquatch does sound like it fits him perfectly. I agree. POWER.

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personally i like the bonfire, its floaty and spins forever. definitly my favorite CLYW. compared to the bvm2, its more of a “fun” throw, were as i think the bvm2 is more of a trick monster.

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I have heard nothing about the AC2 yet, anyone?

Sounds like it’s not quite as “determined”/solid as the BvM2

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If you want power, Summit with Code ones. A beast

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Fun Fact:

I have that exact AC2. I found out because of your like Greg :slight_smile:



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that makes bst pictures easy.