I've heard that the BvM was the worst CLYW, is this true?

I’ve heard that the BvM was the worst playing CLYW ever made, is this true?

It is not true.

There is no best CLYW yoyo. It’s all preferance.

And even a bad CLYW yoyo existed, it would sitll be better than most yoyos.

Not true i my opinion. And yes the bvm is the worst in my opinion. Because it has an awkward,unoriginal shape and is rather unstable.

Looks pretty darn unique to me. And all of a sudden instability makes it bad?

Also, I laughed at the “awkward shape” comment. Have you /seen/ some of the yoyos available these days?


I’ve used most of the CLYW’s. The BvM beats them all, by my preferances.

Yes, it’s better than the avalanche.

It’s good. Compared to all of the other CLYWs I don’t think it’s quite on the same level, but it’s not bad.

Also, unstable? It’s one of the most stable yoyos I’ve used.

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I’ve heard the Chief was bad, probably doesn’t mean it’s true.

The word “worst” does not apply to CLYW. The question is: Which is the least amazingly awesome?

BvM is one of my favorites. You can’t go wrong with it.

Whoever said that is a fool.
The bvm is my all time fave CLYW to date.
Very well balanced, comfortable in the hand, and amazing play.
Have not played anything as nice as the original BVM.

Anyone who says its not one of the best CLYW’s is a total loser.

But seriously.
Its amazing.


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Thank you for clearing that up Jayyo :slight_smile:

I like the BvM more than the chief its all preference

It is all opinion. I don’t prefer it to the avalanche, chief and canvas. But I prefer it to all of the rest.

I love the original BvMs.
One of the smoothest yoyos out there. And to quote I6ify, “They’re little 5A monsters!”
BvM > Canvas

I’ve always heard mixed opinions of varying length. Some approved of the BVM heavily back in the day it was first released. Some folk simply didn’t like it. During the time, it was a unique shape with a OG like curves.

Out of any CLYW yoyo, I heard complains about the Marmot the most.

Bvm is a great yoyo though. Fosure.


It’s all about personal preference. Some people love the BvM. Me though, I don’t really get the hype. The BvM isn’t anything special, IMO.

If the BvM is the worse CLYW(and I do have that and 6 others), then I think something totally inappropriate for description on this forum is gonna happen when my Chief arrives today!

I have a BvM, Gnarwal, Ava, Campfire, Wooly Marmot, 2nd Run Peak, and a small bearing Bassalope. I am receiving a Chief in the mail today. I want to get a Sasquatch and a Canvas as well. I’ve played a Chief which is why I want one so bad. I’ve played a Sasquatch so that’s why I’m on a quest for one. The Canvas seems like a sure-thing too(as in I’m sure to like it).

But, it is all about preferences. Some people just don’t like smooth, organic shaped yoyos that play amazing. For them, I recommend the Duncan Butterfly.

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I love how everyone says the OG BvM is so smooth.
It had a VERY noticable vibe to it. It was known for that vibe.
Still an awesome yoyo though.

I REALLY HATE preference questions.

There’s a difference between smooth spin and smooth play, you should know this.

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