I've heard that the BvM was the worst CLYW, is this true?

Maybe I don’t know any better. My BvM seems smooth to me. I won’t argue awesome.

I also agree about these preference questions. It’s not only getting old, it’s gotten old. It’s BEEN old. But, new people will keep these things going forward.

Then again, I like darn near anything. I’m playing a Chief right now. I like it. I like my BvM too.

Big ego on this one :P. The first run Peaks also had a small vibe to them, people still said they were smooth.

From what I remember out of all of CLYW’s yoyos ever made, the BvM is hands down my absolute favorite and i have played every yoyo they have made to date. If you want something that really is stable and at the same time maintains that classic shape you get a BvM, heck when the yoyo was released it was practically a game changer for caribou at that point, it was their first signature yoyo ever for a team member and it’s BOYD SETH’S SIGNATURE YOYO. That should say everything it needs to about the yoyo without you even having to play it.

I guess it’s just a matter of preference…

I for one love BvM’s. Good fun yoyo, and I don’t see myself getting rid of the one I got now.


Just sayin :wink:

That makes perfect sense.
Please try to spell better so people can actually tell what you are saying.

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I really like the BVM and their is a new redesigned one coming out soon… My least favorite CLYW would have to be the campfire but, thats just my opinion

ok thanks guys, i heard it because someone asked what their BvM was worth on the B/S/T, and a couple people said not much because is was the worst CLYW throw, this wasnt meant to be a hate thread, lol

I do know this. Problem is people like you “expect” other peole to know what you are talking about. EVERYONE know’s that when someone says smooth they and everyone else is thinking spinning smooth. you on the other hand MUST try your hardest to make others “mods” mainly me, look stupid. It’s not going to get you very far Josh.

If you want people to know you are talking about playing smooth then say just that.

The BvM is a really great throw, I actually like it better than my Avalanche

Thanks Guys!!! I’ve gathered the knowledge that i was needing from this thread, topic locked. :slight_smile: