BvM vs. Avalanche

I know there have been several of these, but I’m wondering what you guys think of these yoyos. I’ve only found one review on the Halo and haven’t read any on the BvM so I’d love to hear the pros and cons of them. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Including the Avalanche as well because I’ve heard countless good things about them!

Edit 2: I pretty much ruled out the halo, but if you have any experience with it feel free to share.

has anybody played or owned either of them? I’d really appreciate opinions ;D

The BvM isn’t my favorite. The shape is a bit weird, but you’ll get used to it. Mine vibed a bit, but what I don’t like is how it plays. It plays really really heavy for a yoyo its’ size. I have never used a Halo. The Avalanche is really comfortable in the hand, plays really great, and has a bunch of rim weight. It plays fast, but not too fast. Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

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Thank you that does help because i didn’t have much if any prior knowledge of the BvM. I pretty much ruled out the halo, not sure why. Maybe I’m just in the mood to try CLYW or something. Thanks again though for your input!

The bvm doesn’ play really really heavy at all. It’s solid, and definitely noy light, but loads more stable and less vibe than a ava. Bvm is the besy clyw I have used

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Swat is right. I did forget to include the amazing stability that the BvM possesses. I did tune my Ava, so it’s über smooth. I know I made the BvM seem bad, but I really do like it. I just really love the Ava. The BvM is a bit narrow, but it makes you more precise.

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Ive never used an Avalanche, but I can tell you both the BvM and Halo are in the my top 3 favorite yoyos. I love the shape of the BvM, and I think it plays the perfect balance between heavy and light. The Halo is hands down the best delrin Ive ever used. Its big, but plays so light on the string. I dont think you could go wrong with either.

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Thanks so much for all the opinions! That helps a ton :). I think i’m leaning towards the BvM because i love heavier throws, but the other two are still very possible options. Also, just out of curiosity, does a FG Avalanche play different than a regular one? I know it has some vibe but is there any significant difference?

The vibe is no different then regular CLYW’s on a throw. On grinds It is more apparent.

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i have both and i prefere the BvM but mines old so they may have been slightly changed

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The newer runs are about .6g lighter. My favorite are the 1st and 2nd runs

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This yoyo goes so fast without me even trying.

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Wait if those are in your top 3, what is the other throw on that list??

CLYW Gnarwhal is top of the list

The gnarwhal is a very nice yoyo too. but it’s not in stock sadly/ You can always check the BST. Though if you want a CLYW, I suggest waiting for the chief. It looks very promising. If you don’t wanna wait, or if it turns out to be a “bad” yoyo, I suggest, in this order

Chief (I have heard some very good things about this yoyo, and it was said by chris to be the best CLYW so far. It looks very promising.)
Sasquatch or Avalanche (Played both, and both rock. ava is faster, but also has a bit of vibe. The Sas is more stable (ava still very stable), smoother, and has a more controlled feeling)
CLYW Gnarwhal or BvM (I like the BvM the best, but the general consensus is that the Ava or Sas are the best, so you can’t go wrong with those. The BvM is a friend or foe yoyo, so I don’t wanna suggest it and then have you not like it. Same with the gnarwhal, though the gnarwhal seems to be the least talked about CLYW. It is basically a smaller sasquatch. Faster, but not as stable. Also, I have seen some vibey gnarwhals, so that is something to watch for)
Peak (These are very largely hyped. The play smooth (some are very vibey though), and have a decent play, but like I said, probably gonna be tough to get and super hyped.)
Marmot (It has a very nice feel to it, like the peak, but is as stable as a drunk hobo. It looks nice though)

that’s my overview of CLYW. Ultimately, you just need to pick one and go with out. All of them play well (except the marmot, which I think is pretty sucky). Just go with your gut.

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That would be the bassalope. So little talk about it you even forgot to put it in your list ;). I dont know enough about the bassalope to talk about what it feels like, but I remember that I didnt like it when I tried it.

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Getting in late, not reading the whole thread.

I have an Avalanche, BVM, Gnarwal and an small-bearing bassalope. I have other CLYW’s as well, including a Campfire, Wooly Marmot and a 2nd Run Peak. So, yeah, you can say I like the CLYW product offerings. I want to get a sasquatch and chances are anything else they ever make.

I like the shape and feel and look of ALL of these. Each brings a degree of familiarity but also a degree of uniqueness to the game as well. I think the avalanche is my favorite as it feels and appears to be oversized, and I like oversized. But don’t let the BVM get you down. It’s a bit smaller and a bit narrower, but I like how it plays as well. I play by Gnarwal a lot mainly since the mixed halves are sorta grown on me(different colors). The Wooly Marmot and Campfire are 28 Stories editions and mint in box(and NOT for sale!), and so I haven’t played them much yet. I’m having too much fun with other stuff.

The small bearing bassalope is also a good player, but I find with the smaller bearing, binds are not only easierl but the yoyo is often a bit more likely to come back at you at times that you may not appreciate. This isn’t helped by having fresh response pads in there(duncan 12mm Silicone pads work fantastic BTW, I had some on hand and had to replace the worn out response in there) and not being a “yoyo wizard”.

In all honestly, CLYW makes a great product and almost everyone is really pleased with the offerings. I like both the BVM and the Avalanche. If I HAD to pick between those two, I’d go with the Avalanche because I prefer oversized. But keep in mind, I also throw the BVM a lot as well. I go through most of my yoyos weekly just so I don’t get lazy.

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K, at the yoyo club a few days ago i tried a gnarwhal, marmot and a general yo hatrick. What are your thoughts on the gnarwhal and the hatrick?

I have to put my thoughts in since I own all of the yo-yos being talked about here :slight_smile:

First Gnarwhal vs. Hatrick: Not a fair comparison. Hatrick an organic shape and the Ganrwhal is much more of a butterfly design. IMO the Hatrick is a bit unstable while the Gnawhal is one of my top 5 yo-yos. If you are precise enough, the Hatrick is a zippy little guy. Given the choice: Gnarwhal.

When comparing the Bear vs. Man and either the Avalanche or the Sasquatch the size must be the consideration. Both have great spin-times, both have great weight. What the BvM has is speed - while the Avalanche/Sasquatch is much more deliberate and subdued on the string but larger and easier to land those tough string-tricks.

Comparing Avalanche and Sasquatch is IMO a no-brainer. Why do you think the CLYW came out with the Avalanche when the already had the Sasquatch? It is the Sasquatch done right. Don’t get me wrong the Sasquatch is a great yoyo. It is a bit less stable than the Avalanche and is more prone to catching the string on the upper rim making it tilt. It is however, as good as anything on the market - except the Avalanche. The Avalanche is IMO, the perfect stable, big, floaty yoyo.

An interesting comparison is the BvM and the Gnarwhal. Both are BEAST. They both play very much alike while being completely different shapes. BvM is thinner with great rim-weight while the Gnarwhal is wider and has more even weight distribution. The Gnawhal is much more stable when starting to lose spin. While spinning at speed, however, they are quite comparable. I call it a tie with the Gnarwhal winning on tie-breaker question (If stranded on a deserted island - which ONE would you choose: Gnarwhal).

These are obviously just my opinions. I can’t wait for my Chief to get here.

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