Bvm Round 2 comes out tomorrow. Who's getting one?

whos getting a Bvm Round 2 when they release tomorrow I know I can’t :frowning: Thoughts on it? I think this yoyo fits every aspect that I’ve ever looked for.

I’ve been using mine since PNWR, and it’s probably the most stable return-top I own. An absolute bruiser that just keeps spinning. No float, but it doesn’t feel heavy either. Deliberate is the best word I can come up with to describe it. Chris seems pretty convinced it’s going to be the go-to competition return-top from the CLYW line.

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Can you compare to the Avalanche?
That’d be totally my go to comp throw.

Besides the 7075 chief/cliff.
can you compare to those too?

What time does this drop? The counter is set for 11PM EST, but it says 10PM EST?

Meh, I just got a first run Chief. QQ

I got a chance to throw the BvM2 at PNWR for a few minutes. I reallllly liked it.

I’m going to wait for another release to see other colorways. I appreciate the nostalgic colorways and everything, I just would love a Spanish Sunset or Jackrabbit or something.

I don’t really understand why it’s a Bear vs. Man TWO.
The specs aren’t even close to the same. it’s way bigger and actually weighs LESS. This appears to be an entirely new yoyo. Even the profile is different. Meh… just wondering why.

Diameter: 52.76 mm
Width: 38.98 mm
Gap: 4.18 mm
Weight: 67.50 grams
Bearing: C-Size
Response: Flowable Silicone’

Version 2:
Diameter: 56.50 mm
Width: 44.12 mm
Gap Width: 4.50 mm
Weight: 66.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C - Center Trac Bearing
Response: CLYW Snow Tires

Definitely getting one. I have been missing a bunch of other releases cuz i only have enough for the bvm2 and a yelets. i cant wait. :smiley: ;D

To me it feels a bit heavier, slower, but more stable than the Ava - however, I don’t really push for speed. I just let the throw dictate the pace of a trick. Zach used it to win PNWR, so you can see it in action here:

Don’t have a 7075 chief, but it’s completely different than the cliff. Apples/Oranges. Cliff is all float, like a ghost is on the string. BvMr2 is exactly the opposite. I always know where it is and can feel where it’s going.

Chris explains, in depth, here:


In the description it says that it comes with flowable sili, but the specs say snow tires… Love the huge gap, can’t wait to see a Hulk SMASH!

Look at pics, its snow tires. :smiley:

Chris wanted to create a modern throw thats one of CLYWs top competition throw which was proved at PNWR when Zach used it to take first

Snagged one.
Ash berry

I called up YYE today and ordered a Silver with Green Speckle BvM2 and paid $38 dollars for overnight shipping, so it will be delivered to my work tomorrow! ;D

I’m a pretty impatient guy myself, but that’s taking it to the next level.

Got a green and grey bvm2. Hopefully it will get here Saturday.

Didn’t look like too many people bought it. Still got plenty of ash berry left. I’m gonna wait on this, rather get a puffin for now.

I am personally waiting til they release a solid colorway.