BvM round 2?

What does it play like? Fast or slow? Floaty or solid?

Yup. All of that.

It’s not super fast, but it’s not slow and can handle being pushed fast easily.

Nice solid feed, feels good, grinds gread. Seems to stay airborne a bit longer than say a Chief, but isn’t super “floaty”.

This is definitely a competition grade yoyo that can is also perfect for casual and fun play.

Great competition yoyo, and yoyo in general. Solid feel, stable, good weight for competitive spin times, etc. my first CLYW and I was not dissapointed. I’ve heard it’s like a more chill arctic circle with some Gnarwhal traits.

Thank you so much!!! I’m gonna try to get one ASAP for my birthday!

Any more opinions on the BvM2?

Zach Gormley uses it in competition. He used to use his signature Yoyo, the Arctic Circle, but now he uses the BvM2. I think that says a lot for the Bear vs. Man Round 2.

AC is a great yoyo, used by tons of throwers, in competition and out.

Zach is a great thrower. He’s U.S National Champion for crying out loud! The fact that he has chosen the BvM2 over the AC in most contests so far this year (including a pnwr win, a 2nd place at Cal States and a 7th place at Worlds), says a lot in favor of the BvM2. Of course, you shouldn’t just let the fact that the champ uses it make you automatically think it’s good ;). Plenty of other great throwers choose the BvM2 as their every day carry and competition Yoyo, too.

Anyway, it seems like a lot of people are getting the BvM2 recently, and the new colors on the yye restock look fantastic! (cough zipzopcityofchampionselectricbacon cough). But, more importantly, the people getting them are really enjoying them.

Great throw. Competition level, obviously. Solid, smooth, powerful, good spin times with a good throw (the weight and stability make it a beast), feels good in the hand, angular shape (if you like angular yoyos, that is :wink: ). It’s an all-around great yoyo. If you’re thinking about getting one, go ahead. I honestly do not think you’ll be dissapointed.

Just ordered a purple with silver speckle one. One question: Is the ct it comes with any good or should I use something else?

It’s good

yeah, it’ll be fine, especially if you play stock normally. Unless you like to use a specific bearing in all your throws, I don’t think you’ll need to switch the bearing out. I had to clean mine, but you’ve gotta clean bearings some time or another, right? :wink: enjoy your BvM2. It’s a great choice.