Help on next order. Clyw + string

Ok. So I’m getting a new throw! ;D I’m going to stick with CLYW on this one so I’m lookin at: Bear vs Man round 2, Arctic Circle, and the Gnarwhal. I like to stick between 52mm and 56mm. I have floaty yoyos and kinda want something with a bit more humph. I want a yoyo that you feel on the string.

Now onto string. I’m currently using normal toxic right now. They burn my hands. Can you help me pick a new string? I like green strings. Or purple and blue twist strings.

Cheers, Thomas.

EDIT: glacier express added

I’d get the BvM2 out of those choices.

For string just get standard green poly

Cheap, lasts, hold tension, What more could you ask for?

I wouldn’t get either of those… I’d look into something like a chief,summit,avalanche, etc.

currently I don’t see anything wrong with his choices.

Still need help.

by humph do you mean solid? if so I say
arctic cirlce: solid,fast,just above undersize
bvm2: fast, semi solid,full size,perfect for about everthing other than finger spins
idk about the gnarwhal
neon pack of kitty or yye string
if you want the boutique stuff get zype,type x, or gray matter but thats just my preference

Do you play fast? The arctic circle is made for Zach gormely, he plays tech,3D fast stuff…

I move medium to fast. I only move slow when I wanna be really flowy.

bvm2 is the best clyw imo, it has no gimmicks its just a modern classic.

Exactly. I’ve said it before–the BvMr2 is a no-frills, high performance, competition beast. It’s extremely stable, fast, and shreds horizontal. It isn’t particularly floaty, more on the solid side. If you want a yoyo that is pure performance, and excels at competitions, pick up a BvMr2. This is not to say that other CLYW yoyos are bad at competition, I’m simply stating that the BvMr2 was obviously designed as a competition throw.

Oh, and YOYOSR2PRO, you may want to post again! That was your 666th post (Illuminati?!)! :smiley:

Please stop telling people to choose something else when they have obvious set choices

I myself would pick the BVM2 over the others. The gnarwhal is more of just a fun comfy throw but it’s not exactly great for competition. I owned a AC for a little while and just didn’t feel anything special about it at all. It was good it just had no personality to it so I’d pick the bvm2 out of them all.

The Arctic Circle probably fits your preferences best, but I personally prefer the BvM2. Not quite as heavy feeling and more stable.

Well, being that I don’t compete, is it still the same?

Well people on here clearly think the bvm2 is nothing compared to the summit/chief.

I you cant really compare the 3. thats like apple and oranges. if you want a solid throw thats plays to any speed and full sized get the bvm2, if you want that but floaty get the chief, if yoyu wan something big, floaty and can change center weight get the summit

Out of your choices AC. Its a beast, you wont be dissapointed

Not really. Personally I like how the BvM2 plays over the Summit and it’s probably on par with the Chief for me. There are plenty of people on the forums who love the BvM2 and there are also those who don’t like the Chief and/or Summit. Admittedly the Chief and Summit do have more hype, but hype don’t mean crap.

Considering the OP is specifically NOT looking for something floaty why would you even recommend the Chief? The Summit does kind of fit his preferences but it’s not one of the the yoyos he’s choosing between, so who cares.