yoyo recommendation

Ive been looking for a good yoyo to use when going into competitions. ive been looking at some one drops and CLYWs. could someone give me a recommendation for a yo yo to get? Thanks!

Tell us about what you like. Size,shape,brand,bearing,color even. What other yoyos have you had that you enjoyed a bunch? What skill level are you? How long have you been throwing?

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i like sizes such as the supernova or shutter. i like the shape of the superstar or the summit/genesis. and for the throwing i stated a bit with the velocity for a bit last year and then stopped. but in late fall i got back into it and ive been skipping around with some tricks when i hit the advanced areas.

CLYW is something that im very interested in

The bvm2 is great and competition ready. If I were to recommend you a clyw, it’d be the Avalanche or the chief. Great throws.

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Which is more stable to u te avalanche or the chief? My hunch is the avalanche but idk.

I would seriously recommend the Onedrop Benchmark series. Pick a shape that you prefer, and at $60, these things are amazing.

is the summit any good? im in the middle of the chik, benchmark v shape, YYF Superstar, CLYW Bvm2, avalanche or the summit

What yoyos do you currently own and what do you like about the?

Of the yoyos listed I’d either go with summit, superstar, or bvm2 but it’d be easier if I knew what you’re looking for. The superstar is a wide H profile throw that I love. The BVM2 is really stable as well and more organic and the summit is more of an V profile but still very stable through.

the current yoyos i have are the token, hitman pro, shutter, and the supernova.

What did you like about each yoyo

The BvM2 is awesome, but it does pack some solidity in it

The Summit didn’t click with me, but its also a very stable option.

I actually really liked the Chik and I feel like out of your options, the Chik plays the closest to the Supernova

I haven’t played the other throws so I can’t vouch for them, but the best way to make a decision is to play all of them at a club or contest.

As for your purpose, your Supernova and Shutter can easily handle competitions, you don’t need a CLYW or OD to perform well.

I mean if you want a competition yoyo from CLYW or OD specifically you want either the BvM2 or the
Format :C. The BvM2 is the most competition oriented yoyo from CLYW as far as I know. The Format :C was literally made for competition and is at a really reasonable price. Now if you’re willing to branch out C3yoyodesign makes the best competition yoyos out there.

Well, stearnsy, I know you love your Supernova. So I would go for a chick with brass spikes to make just a little heavier.

This is pretty hard… All the throws in the poll are great. any of them look specifically good to good you?

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