How does the BvM2 play ( please help ) :p

is it really like they say the best clyw and one of jensen’s favorite people are telling me dont get a yyr overdrive or clash get a bvm2 or summit is it really that good what do you think fellow yoyoers should i get the bvm2 instead of yyr is it good in horizontal and speed and grind and alot more what is it bad at?
thnx for reading and please reply if you can

“Best” is a very subjective term. Seth Boyd might think it’s the best CLYW, Zach might say the Arctic Circle is, Palli might say the Puffin is. Different throws for different people.

I only briefly tried out a BVM2 at a meet, but I liked it. in fact I bought one yesterday so once it arrives I’ll be able to give you a better idea of how it plays.

Review wise, read these:

Obviously the BVM2 and Summit are both solid choices. It’s down to what you like the look of and whether you want side effects or a certain size but I highly doubt you’ll be dissapointed with either.

I just made a review so if you want to check that out. It might help.

never tried it but ive asked people who said it was there favorite throw.