BVM2 thoughts

What do you think about it? I’m thinking about getting one

There’s plenty of reviews out there

It’s a good yoyo and should perform fine

If you want to compare it to the original BvM, don’t. They are nothing alike. The BvM2 bears(sorry) no resemblance to the original except for the player it’s for.

I am biased in favor of CLYW. I like their stuff and this is clearly no exception. It sort of reminds me of a Chief but a bit slower. It feels great, grinds good and is comfortabe in my hands. I’m super pleased with this item. However, as I caution with any yoyo, if you can try before you buy, I strongly recommend doing so. While I largely don’t practice this myself, I recommend buyers try first. For me, the “collector” portion is willing to take risks and buy the yoyos and then let other people try them.

Anyone who lives in the Sacramento area is advised to look me up, see if I have what you’re looking for, and if so, try it. Or try a bunch of other things.

Regardless, I am enjoying the BvM2.

I really enjoyed the BvM2 when I had a chance to throw it. Wasn’t expecting to, and then I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. That’s about all I can say.