looking for CLYW BvM

Hello i am new into yoyo but i am progressing quickly. I started with an ETernal Throw Victory about 3 weeks ago then i tried out a Bear vs Man and i fell in love with it haha. If anyone has one for a relatively good price and is not dinged i would be thrilled to buy it thanks!

Bump. If anyone has any recommendations for a yoyo that is shaped and plays similar please leave a reply. Thanks!

Just to clarify, you’re wanting the original BvM? And not a BvM2?

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If you dont mind a B-grade these are not bad priced thought it is BvM 2 and not the original.
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Please don’t link to other online yoyo stores. :slight_smile:



Bump. And sorry i did not clarify i am looking for a BvM2 i have played with the original and is a bit on the small side for my play style. Really anxious to buy one if any one could help.