Bvm2 sold to YoyoDoc


The Yoyo is 100% mint no ano flaws and I’m not sure why it’s FG because it’s smooth as can be. If you like CLYW but don’t like the price tag this is for you. I used to be a big CLYW collector but the price point makes no sense so I only purchase FGs now because not only is the performance the same as an A grade but the ano flaws are usually slim to none and play just the same. If you blind folded someone handed them a bvm2 and then handed them this FG bvm2 they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

The color is grey with purple splash and comes with CENTER TRAC bearing.

BvM2 FG ( + box)

All for 66$ shipped I paid 80$ shipped for it from CLYW and they sold out quick here’s your second chance to cop one except now you know it’s smooth and has no ano flaws when you order a FG from CLYW you aren’t aware wether It has ano flaws or vibe but here you know because I took the risk and bought it from CLYW :slight_smile:

My main wants:

If you’re interested PM

Paypal only ( verified please )

Unless you are willing to send western union,money gram, or money pak and pay the fees I will only accept paypal from a verified paypal account. I cannot hold this, first person with 84$ gets it.

Bump 75$ shipped if you happen to see this if not it’s 80$ :slight_smile:

Bump price is now 66$ shipped and it’s brand new I’ve only thrown it a few times. This is less than it will cost from CLYW and it’s in the same exact condition as if it were coming from them except no wait time cause shipping for Canada takes a long time.

Good job on taking lots of pictures. Is there vibe?

Consider it Sold.

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