FT:/ MIB CLYW BvM + Mint Werrd 4XL custom Anno'd by Vendetta!

I have a few yoyo’s for TRADE. You can offer cash but chances are it will be declined.

First up is my CLYW BvM ! Its a Boyd edition, light blue colour. Mint, in box, runs absolutely perfectly, not much else i can say, its a Caribou Lodge so its perfect.

I also have a Mint, Werrd 4XL for trade! The 4XL was custom painted by Vendetta!, its black with white red and green splash! This yoyo also has custom rice stacks on it that match the colorway, also done by Vendetta. This yoyo looks sooo good its unbelievable,for pictures, use the link below;. For better pictures text this number 6127187408

Sorry the pictures kind of suck, if you want to see more text the number above

Does your BvM have any vibe? Looks like the Fools-Gold run. Interested in any throws on my BST?

No vibe !

That bvm is a b grade but not because of vibe just tiny dots in the ano