FS :// CLYW BvM + Werrd 4xl Custom anno'd

I have a Boyd edition CLYW BvM may be fools gold or so I’ve been told but im not sure how to tell, plays fine so doesn’t matter, no vibe. Light blue, mint in box. Make an offer

Also i have a Werrd 4xl Custom anno’d by vendetta, the ricestacks match the colour way on the yoyo its really cool looking. Near mint, one scuff not able to be captured by the camera. Also offer on this yoyo.

Looking mainly cash at the moment. Bored of my yoyo’s, may trade depends on the offer. Feel free to offer anything worst thing that can happen is i say no… PM me on here, or text me at 6127187408.

Pictures — www.flickr.com/photos/77196676@N03/
— Sorry bout the poor picture quality, my webcam isnt the best so just text me for better pictures too if your interested. 6127187408

can i hav the bear vs man for 60:)?