This is a "BST" for yoyos I don't play or want to sell, This is my new account my old one was YOYO Trader But It got delited unfortunately I had at least 10 feedback on it but besides that this is a page showing yoyos for sale I will be updating this if I want to sell more throws well here goes!

                                          [b]  *****Cash Offers*****[/b]
                                                       ~~No Low Balls~~
                                                OD Project or Project 2 has to be
                    (Sunset Fade, Cherry Blossom Fade,Grey Matter Fade and Fade To Jade)
                                                      CLYW Bassalopes
                                                     General Yo Hattrick 
                                           Offer Any CLYW [b]No Summit[/b]
                                                        [u] [i]Offer[/i][/u]

2nd Run Hulk Smash Peak ($180/offer) Gone

In The 5 Years Ive Been yoyoing Ive Owned Over 10 Peaks have played many more this is one of the best peaks I have ever Played. It Has one of the best color ways for a peak too, The yoyo has several pinpricks and tiny white nicks that you can feel. This yoyo has no vibe and is very smooth. Ive had this peak for a year and a half now and i’m willing to let it go to an owner who will take care of it.

Bear Vs. Man Take 2 ($90/offer)

This is a great yoyo i’ve been playing with it non stop since I got It its a solid yoyo with a great color way. This Yoyo Is In MINT condition just like new. there is a slight vibe to it but Its not too major I have two of these yoyos and so I don’t mind to part with one. It Plays Like a Gnar and a chief for me.

CLYW Gnarwhal ($80/offer)

The Gnarwhal has always been a great yoyo in my time playing this color way is just Sexy, It Play like a Cloud and has a smooth feel the yoyo needs tires Soon or Silicone but I Could Sili it for you. the yoyo has one ding which is shown at the bottom of the Third Pic and a Few Pinpricks NOT FEELABLE.

National Park Edition Bear Vs. Man ($90/offer)

Great yoyo love the color way its an old CLYW That ive had for a while now and its still playing like a champ. Its got one ding and 2 pinpricks nothing major.

CLYW Wooly Marmot ($80/offer)

What can I say its a wooly marmot to me It plays like an undersized Peak great yoyo.
Its has one unfeelable scratch on the edge as you can see in the first pic Unfeelable and two small dings That you cant feel.

                          [b]***** Message Me If Interested *****[/b]

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