Zorro's BST!!! CLYW Chief on ebay!

Hey ya’all,
I’m back because I need money! I have a CLYW Chief for sale on ebay, right now!

CLYW Chief (Mint in box)

Starting price is $85 plus shipping. Help a fellow thrower out, I need money.



offer, please

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Man, almost went 3 days wiff no bumpity bump.


please buy

I will trade any of the yoyos on my BST plus Dv888 and Echo for MIB Cliff.


More yoyos added. Higher-end

Sorry about multiple pictures sizes. I have no clue how that happened.

Will trade multiple of these yoyos for a Cliff. Plus cash if you wish.

You can now buy Raider, Brain, and Fireball together for $15

Huge update. In the last two days, 13 throws have been added. Please offer.


I need some offers fast. I have gotten a couple, but it’s not enough. Trade or cash offers are greatly appreciated. I am ready for something new.


Price drop, new yoyos coming soon.

Starting to get larger offers. Thanks.

Anyone else want to take my higher ends before they’re gone? Getting a couple offers.

Just made a HUGE update, different look, lots more yoyos. I am definitely getting some offers now. Note that on the top few, I’m gonna need something extreme to get rid of these babies.


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I have a protostar and a strix

Sent PM about Benchmark V.

do you realize that what your asking for the Yomega Glide is about $4 less than you can get a new one for off this site


Gotten over 2000 views now. Whoohoo. I wish I could sell more than 3 things through those. :smiley:

What do you want from me?

Got it and replied

Thanks, that was a tyop (did that on purpose) :stuck_out_tongue:


3rd Price Drop. Most of these throws will not go any lower than what I’ve got them for. I’ve got many yoyos that need to go for Money or for other yoyos.


Finally starting to sell some things.


Almost at 3000 views