FS: Summits, CLYW, One Drop, YYF, ILYY, YYJ. Taking offers!

Please PM me and I’ll send pics along for those not listed here, or if you’d like additional shots of any yoyo.

Links to pics

(I try to respond to PM’s as soon as I can. If you want pictures of anything in specific, let me know via PM.)

ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPED IN THE US. Paypal is strongly preferred.


Pink Summit - One super faint mark that was present when I received it, otherwise as new. Thrown ~10 minutes. - $105

Thunderbolt Summit - As new. Thrown ~30 minutes. $125


Gnarwhal - 1st run. Rose/pink. Engraved. Barely thrown. Small ago flaw in second pic - $100

Bear vs Man - Shark vs Zombie Beaver. No marks I can find, comes with the box, has a bit of the old CLYW vibe. - $125/offer


Save Deth H5 - Purple, no marks. $90


Pacquiao - pink, no marks. $50


Delicious - pink. One mark on it. $50


hydra 2 - blue. Has two small marks on it, still plays awesome. - $60/offer


fh2 - clear. Excellent condition - $8

flying panda - blue - couple indoor 4a marks, but in excellent shape - $8

throw monkey - blue/white - excellent condition - $8


fhz cyclon large bearing dyed purple - new in packaging - $30


punchline - preproduction red. Has battle scars, still plays awesome. - $75

punchline repeater - YYE limited edition gold - LNIB - $90

speed freak - Canadian edition (all red with maple leaf engraving), no marks. $90


hydra 2 - blue. Has two small marks on it, still plays awesome. - $70/offer


Modfather Throw Monkey - dual siliconed - blue/white - near mint - $25 $18 $15


401k - gunmetal. Few small marks, with box - $50

Loop 720 - clear. I have two of these. They also have the shinwoo lights in them - $35 for both

Velocity - clear. Excellent shape - $10

Help Haiti - wood yoyo, have two of them. $5 each

Bombsquad Supernova - pink/black. Has 2 very small marks on the side of the rim. - $90

Superwide - red, no marks. $60

Genesis - orange powder coat. A few marks. $50

Superstar - light blue powder coat. A few marks. $50


Ministar - Collaboration with One Drop edition. Thrown once or twice. With box. - $80

One Drop

Cafe Racer. First run, green. Thrown for a day. No marks I could find on it. - $50

54 - from the “Not quite perfect” ano run. Blue/gold. 3 small marks on it. - $70

Markmont Next - been played, but no marks. Has tarnish, but you can clean it up if you want. - $90

Markmont Next - The fade (denim fade?) edition. Picked it up from Mark when they were released. There were about 5 that retained the brass nut, and the rest were dark like the yoyo. Pretty sure I threw this once or twice. - $100


Phenom proto - Plastic/aluminum prototype that never made it to production. This is the 24k version that was sent to some YYJ team members. Has some vibe, but not bad–this ended up being the reason they didn’t produce them [I’m told]. – $125

Yoyojam Axiom - Red - Plays super smooth, I just don’t give it any time near-mint (haven’t looked at it in a few months). Has 2 rubber weight rings on each side. $50 $60 $70 $45


ILYY UK Mary(zilla) - blue/green - near mint, no packaging/pin. - $80

Liopleurodon - yo-shop edition half orange half blue. Near mint, no box. 1 of 30. - $100


Pyro 1409 - been chopped narrower, and have shmoove rings cut in. Could use to be a little sanded around the rings to make sure they don’t cut string. - $50

northern spin

Helix - Black. As new in box, thrown 15 minutes or so. $175/offer

Feel free to send over offers.
If anyone want to pick up locally, you can catch me in Palo Alto, CA or at any local yoyo club. Everything is shipped same day if possible, and first thing the next day if I have to (I don’t have all my yoyos at work). I’m only taking payment through Paypal at this point. Drop me a PM if you have any other questions.



I don’t. Please keep the talk down in the thread, and PM me if you have questions.



bump. Still looking for last run Peaks, and Cherry Blossom or Purfume Cloud Battosai, or cash.

big update–more coming soon.

Up, added/edited available yoyos.