BLOWOUT. REDUCED.. Format:C, Dv888, Yoyo bag all for $80!!!

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What’s up gang… It’s been a while… But I’m back to say that I am gonna be out for good. I’m holding onto my G5 forever… But that’s gonna be all. So here is the rest of what I still have, I need the money, so go ahead and make me some offers. I know what this stuff is worth though… So please, be reasonable.

SPYY El Ranchero - GONE
[b]YoyoCommunity Artifact - GONE

BLOWOUT PRICE - [color=purple]Onedrop Format:C, Dv888, and yoyo bag all for $90$80… I need this stuff sold ASAP. Take advantage of my needing money… You never see deals like this

Hit it


I’d trade a near mint green/blue one drop dang for it…

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:whale2: But whale somebody make me an offer?

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Free bump because your puns made my day :smiley:

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:snake: SNAKE me some offers on that di base

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:airplane: Just a plane old bump

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Hi guys

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I feel like these prices are good


Where are you located?


I keep looking at that summit but is it the red or berry.


Hello, Do you still have this Red Summit YoYo for sale? And is it still Mint in box?

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Check your PM box, I sent you something special :koala:

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Hey guys.


if you’ll take the deal, i’ll do the ts-1a and token for $30

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Ah yes


hey man would you take all the throws up on my post for ur galactic goose?,68329.msg754556.html#msg754556


Did you get my pm’s???


What part of the charger do you want?


Free bump these prices are freaking ridiculously low!!

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