My Yoyo collection for sale! yyf, pure gold, custom clyw, more!!!


Hey guys! I am putting up my entire collection to see if anybody is anterested in any of my yoyos. Hoping for cash for all of these but I could also entertain trades. It would be easiest to PM me, or text me @ 618979 5415 so we can work out a deal. My collection is as follows:
SPYY Pure Gold - Mint Condition, with box, string and paperwork
28 stories wolly marmot - mint with box - SOLD
silver 888 - 2008 edition I believe, also mint with white hubstacks
Adegle Sandglass - purple
28 stories BvM custom - one side airbrush painted with an amazing design and the other half nickel coated. Plays incredibly smooth
YYF severe - black plastic with caps
metal zero
idk what the blue middle one is, its a yyf, maybe a dv888 or something
new red freehand 2, plays so darn smooth

Not pictured - YYF super G, purple with cool ano/laser design on rims. Damage on rims, daily throw
pair of green yyf raiders


You best be posting pictures of these items soon, or the mods will delete this.


Another bump! 28 stories marmot sold. This BvM is such a unique and beautiful yoyo


For serious offers at a SERIOUSLY cheap price, I would even entertain trades for non-yoyo stuff. Some of these are going at fire prices. Sorry I haveny been responding often lately :frowning: mining engineering classes suck. But Ill make it!!! just need food money in the meantime…

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