Selling my whole collection, every last drop

Let me start this by saying thank you to the community. Yoyoing was and still is awesome, but my life has changed and there’s not much room left in it for it. That being said, a number of years back I was largely into them, and acquired quite the collection. I need some money, so I feel its finally time to sell them. Hopefully they fall into the hands of someone who will use and appreciate them more, they’re awesome machines :slight_smile:


YYF Horizon, acid splash (kinda dinged up, scratches and dinks) Original cardboard sleeve 35$

OD Vanguard, green (near mint, smooth spin, light scratches) Original box 35$

OD Kuntosh, black (mint, but YYF flat bearing) No box 65$ taken

OD Guantlet, nickel plated (mint, smooth out of this world) original box 60$

C3 Speedaholic, blue (mint, very fun throw i will say) no box 12$

OD marquis, green (near mint, personal favorite pocket throw, light scratches) original box + lil promo card, 40$

OD Terrarian, Planera (mint, favorite yoyo of all time. God level throw) original box 65$

Yomega Glide, star wars edition (mint, imperial variation) no box 35$

YYF Shutter, red W/ Black acid splash (near mint, color looks very cool) no box 35$

YYF Protostar, glow in the dark (large gash, new other than that) no box 12$

YYF Popstar, red and black W/ white acid splash (Near mint, rare item, very tiny) 40$

YYF boss, blue (mint, pretty small, neat pocket throw, good bang for buck) 20$

YYF flight (not sure of the color name, its a mix of red black and clear) 18$


YYF multitool, pink taken

2 counterweights, one a blue die the other a small rubber ball (free with purchase of a throw)

6 OD bearing pads (slim, 19mm) free with purchase of a onedrop yoyo

Mostly full box of kitty string (regular, yellow) 10$

Mostly full bottle of YYF performance oil 3$ taken

A bunch of 2016 yoyoexpert trading cards, if you buy anything I can throw them in if you’d like

YoyoFactory x YoYoExpert carrying case, holds 4 throws very securely (15$)

YYF Daydream, light blue (mint) I’ll give this too you if you spend over 70$ taken

If you buy multiple throws at once I’ll give you a discount, I’d prefer to make less trips to the postal office. Buy everything, and I’ll let you have everything i own yoyo related for 350 bucks (100 savings). You would also be my hero if you did this.

The overall price will be the price of the throws plus shipping. If you’re outside of the US, im sorry but you’d probably end up paying less if you buy new, im just trying to help you out.

If you’re interested in a specific item or have any questions at all, shoot me a PM. I have much higher quality photos of each yoyo, but I didn’t want to put too many photos

Again, thank you so much yoyo community for all that you do. I’m saddened that i have to leave, but at least my throws will all get handed down to people who will put them to loads of fun. Thank you all :slight_smile:


Many of your yoyos are listed as “mint”. The Marquis has a very apparent mark in the picture. The Vanguard says “mint” and “light scratches”, these two things together in a description don’t make sense.

Mint means no marks or very close to “like new” condition. Please take a look at your yoyos and make sure your descriptions are acccurate.


ah, you’re right. My bad. Thanks for letting me know

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@TheYoyoer27 there’s a nickel gauntlet! @TheYoyoer27 @TheYoyoer27 @TheYoyoer27

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Noooooooo!!! I just spent all of my monnnneeyyyyy on something else!


Try to work something out

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