Collection clearing/pictures of my whole collection

DON’T ASK ME PRICES FOR YOYOS IN MY COLLECTION MAKE AN OFFER… More interested in selling the listed items!! This is what I have for sale. They’re all great players… It’s taken me a long time to even get rid of this many… everything is near mint unless stated other wise. Having trouble letting things go but need $.

Don’t know what I’m willing to let go of on the last few pictures but the last three are my collection. If anything interests you though for the right price I might let them go… worst I can say is no and you get some yo-yo eye candy :)… Getting a ton of questions about pricing on the unlisted items… Just offer… Not trying to offload my whole collection… just if there’s an individual one you really want just make an offer… I don’t have time to back and forth and price every yoyo atm…

Feel free to make offers if you feel I’m off on any of the prices

Shipping/g and s fee= $5
Spend over 100 free shipping

Left to right starting in the top row

Yoshicuda 45

Exotic throws salamander 40

C3 Bastet 2 special edition SOLD

Retic return tops death adder 75

Topyo nuit 35

YYF singularity 42

Duncan origami 2.0 $38

Huatian rotor 45

YYF horizon galaxy 45

Almost cloudberry kamigawa 70

One drop midnight eclipse 70

G2 AL7 Valhalla grey power ranger SOLD

G2 banshee ss master chief 120

G2 reaper berries and cream 100

G2 arbiter unearthed 120


Sent some PM

Pmd my man

Please read the post thanks… If you want retail prices and under the listed items are good deals… If you want to send me a highball offer or ask what a yoyo is in the collection I’m happy to answer… Otherwise i’m focused on selling the listed items… Mostly showing off collection for eye candy but if you see you’re grail can’t hurt to ask… Good vibes

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Bump… MAke me an offer! :slight_smile:

Bump! Hitting post in a bit if you want speedy shipping

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Ooo. What wood yo-yos are those? Also, I couldn’t tell - do you have a dumpster fire?

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Still dont want to sell your dark magic?

The fact you can’t find one on ebay now is funny… Guess i never should have sold my other ones for so low… but no mostly trying to sell listed throws unless you offer me… DM2 and Caesar are not for sale

Reaper still available… If prices are too high make an offer

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Bump! make an offer. Bundles welcomed on listed items

Pm sent

Sugar Glider
still available?