20+ Yoyos Must Go (It's this or a divorce...)


I have to liquidate my entire collection. If any of you are better at buying-low/selling-high, then you will notice that I am leaving a lot of value on the table here, but I need all of this gear to go, and go soon.

I am selling all of this as a single lot for $350 (free shipping). This is easily $600-&700 worth of gear if you have time to piece it out. The collection includes:

One Drop Gradient (w/numerous side-effects & box)
iYoyo Steel (w/box)
iYoyo iYoyo 2
YYF/YoTricks Atlas (w/box)
YYF/YoTricks One
Yoyo Factory Shutter
Yoyo Factory Horizon
Yoyo Factory Mighty Flea
Yoyo Factory Replay Pro
Yoyo Factory Replay
Yoyo Factory DV888
Yoyo Factory Boss
Yoyo Factory Daydream
Yoyo Factory Whip (x2)
Yoyo Factory Hubstack
Duncan Freehand
Magic Yoyo N8
Yomega Maverick
Yoyo King Dr. Smalls
Yoyo Recreation Diffusion
Yoyo Recreation Gargantua

On top of this I have tons of string, lube, extra bearings, & other accessories that will come with it. All of these are in near-mint condition with less than an hour of playtime.

I don’t want to break up this lot, so if you are only interested in one or two yoyos, then the price is 80% of retail plus shipping.

I will provide a photo for those who are seriously considering purchase.




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